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“Pulang ke kotamu Ada setangkup haru dalam rindu Masih seperti dulu Tiap sudut menyapaku bersahabat, penuh selaksa makna Terhanyut aku akan nostalgi Saat kita sering luangkan waktu Nikmati bersama Suasana Jogja”

Kla Project

Just imagine how nice it is to listen to “Yogyakarta” a popular song from Kla Project while enjoying the beautiful night in Yogyakarta city. Anyone will be in love with Yogyakarta and wants to spend their time longer in this city, the most popular tourism city in Java Island. Some call this city Jogja and others call it Yogya or Yogyakarta. whatever it is, all totally represent one identity, a special region with millions of charms which make this city become one of the most well-known tourism cities in Indonesia even in Asia. The Special Region of Yogyakarta has been very special since long time ago when it was born. The role of Yogyakarta Sultanate cannot be ignored from the establishment this special region. Palihan Nagari or Giyanti Agreement is nothing but a forerunner to the establishment of the Yogyakarta Sultanate which was signed on February 13, 1755 by Prince Mangkubumi, whose title was Susuhanan Kabanaran.

Warehouse for Nature Tourism

In recent years, tourists have been spoiled by the emergence of various natural attractions scattered in various regions around Jogja. If in the past some tourists only knew Kaliurang and Parangtritis Beach as the mainstay of natural tourism, now tourists can visit dozens of different natural tourist points. Curious? Here is what becomes the hits now.

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1. Becici Peak – It often becomes the background for recent social media photos. Becici Peak must be included in your list of visits. This natural tourism spot is located in the area of Bantul and increasingly popular after being visited by Barack Obama. Becici Peak is in a pine forest area with exotic natural scenery. At the top, you can see the blue sea of the South Coast, Prambanan Temple and beautiful sunset.

2. Mangrove Forest of Pasir Kadilangu Beach – This time, Jogja Super invites you to Kulonprogo area to visit a Mangrove Forest of Pasir Kadilangu Beach. This place offers the exoticism of mangrove trees as well as replicas of famous buildings in the world such as the Eiffel Tower, Doraemon door, Bamboo Bridge and others.

3. Merapi Lava Tour – The popularity of Merapi as a natural tourist attraction has never subsided. Now, the challenging Merapi Lava Tour tour package is available. You will be invited to drive a Jeep car and down a river containing former Merapi volcano lava flows.

4. Jatisari Seropan 3 Ecotourism – Next, Dlingo Sub-district invites you and other tourists to enjoy nature tourism in Jatisari Seropan Ecotourism 3. In this place, many interesting natural photo spots are included with hilly natural scenery.

5. Jomblang Cave – Do you want to visit a cave that has a waterfall? Just come to Jomblang Cave in Girimulyo region, Kulonprogo. With clear water and the chirping of wild birds around the waterfall, this place offers a calming atmosphere during the holidays. And, you can be closer to nature.

6. Kalibiru Tourism Village – The name of the Kalibiru Village is certainly not strange to our ears especially after the iconic photographs with a backdrop of hilly scenes became viral on social media. Kalibiru offers a typical rural atmosphere and a variety of iconic photo spots on the hill. And, there are also some interesting outdoor activities such as High Rope and Flying Fox.

7. Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano – Gunungkidul Region is not only famous for its exotic beaches but also iconic mountain nature tourism. Yes! Its name is Purba Volcano Nglanggeran. This ancient volcano is hundreds of thousands of years old with a not so high peak. Some tourists do not just climb this ancient volcano but also take time to camp to enjoy the typical atmosphere at night. Not far from ancient volcanoes, there is Nglanggeran Embung, an artificial lake that is used for irrigation.

8. Cave Tubing Goa Pindul – Still in Gunungkidul, take the time to visit and try out the cave tubing in Goa Pindul. Here, you will enjoy the beauty and freshness of the water in the river Pindul while admiring the beauty of a cave which is full of stalactites.

Jogja Offers Dozens of Exotic Beaches – The Special Region of Yogyakarta has a long coastline. So, it’s not wrong if Jogja has many charming beaches to visit. Forget Parangtritis Beach or Depok if you want to see the unspoiled natural beauty of the beaches because Gunungkidul region now offers dozens of beautiful beaches.

1. Jogan Beach – Have you ever heard of the name Jogan Beach? Jogan is not as popular as Indrayanti Beach, but Jogan clearly has an interesting attraction. Located on Tepus, Gunungkidul, Jogan Beach is famous thanks to the existence of a waterfall that is right on the beach. The small number of visitors make you feel on a private beach.

2. Pok Tunggal Beach – Located between Indrayanti Beach and Siung Beach, Pok Tunggal Beach is known for its natural beauty. White sand with the waves and clear and transparent sea water is a daily spectacle. Here, you can also spend the night in tents that are rented while waiting for the sun to rise.

3. Krakal Beach – Not far from Indrayanti Beach, there is Krakal Beach which is famous for tourists. Apart from having soft white sand, this beach also has some rocky beach areas and challenging waves for professional surfers.

4. Indrayanti Beach – Here is the beach that is often discussed. Indrayanti Beach is also part of the village of Tepus, Gunungkidul. Indrayanti offers soft white sand, waves along the coastline and transparent blue sea water. Don’t forget to enjoy the seafood culinary offerings available at the restaurant located right in front of the beach.

5. Pantai Wedi Ombo – Located in the village of Jepitu, Gunungkidul, Pantai Wedi Ombo has become famous in the past two years. This beach is indeed unique thanks to a cluster of reefs around the beach that are neatly lined up. With soft white sand, your feet will be spoiled while walking along the coastline. Be sure to take the time to watch the sunset at the famous Wedi Ombo.

6. Wohkudu Beach – This time, visit Panggang District in Gunungkidul Regency to witness the beauty of Wohkudu Beach. This secluded beach has an iconic view with a stretch of grass suitable for camping. For you who want to enjoy the sensation of being on a private beach, Wohkudu is definitely the right choice.

7. Timang Beach – This is the beach that has recently become more popular after being used to be the location for a television program “Running Man”. Timang Beach is located in Gunungkidul and offers extreme rides. Not just an ordinary beach, but a rocky beach with a stone island that can be accessed using a traditional wooden gondola, suitable for you who like to test your guts. Cross with the gondola for a few minutes and you will arrive at a stone island surrounded by the sea.

8. Kukup Beach – Not far from Krakal Beach, or rather side by side, Kukup Beach is ready to make your holiday enjoyable. Here, tourists will feel like they are in Tanah Lot because far from the beach, there is a coral island with a long substation built on it.

Jogja is rich in local culture that is still preserved – The nickname of Jogja, the city of culture is indeed worth bearing because the city is rich in local cultural traditions that are still well preserved. There are a lot of tourist attractions that offer a collection of wealth and cultural attractions that can be visited. Here are some of them.

1. Gedhe Kauman Mosque – One of the oldest mosques in Jogja, Gedhe Kauman Mosque is located in the Kraton Ngayogyakarta complex to the west of the square. The mosque, founded by Kyai Fatih Ibrahim Diponingrat and Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, is a symbol of the Islamic kingdom of Mataram. For you who want to have a religious tour as well as history, take a time to visit this mosque.

2. Fort Vredeburg – Still in the area of Jalan Malioboro, there is a historical tourist attraction that is visited by many people. It is Fort Vredeburg. This Dutch heritage fort has beautiful colonial architecture. Not only functioned as a museum, Vredeburg is also often used as a place for various cultural and artistic events.

3. Imogiri Tomb – Imogiri is not only famous for its klathak satay but also the royal family tomb on one of the hilltops. You can just visit or visit the royal family tomb. But, to get to the location of the tomb, there are about more than a hundred steps that must be passed. It is quite challenging and consumes breath but can be an unforgettable experience.

4. Jogjakarta Great Building – Known as the State Palace, the Great House of Jogjakarta was once the residence of former President Sukarno during the early days of Independence. This building itself is almost two hundred years old and has been used since the Dutch colonial era. Here, tourists can see various collections of independence history neatly stored.

5. Museum Batik and Sulaman – Are you a fan of batik? Take the time to visit the Batik and Sulaman Museum located on Jl. Dr. Sutomo. Watch various collections in the world of batik including batik equipment and various collections of batik cloth with tens to hundreds of years old.

6. Kotagede – The name Kotagede is synonymous with the center for making silver and batik. Here, there are hundreds of silver craftsmen with various collections. Not only that, Kotagede also keeps many ancient hundreds of years old buildings that are still well preserved.

7. Affandi Museum – Continue your cultural tour in Jogja by visiting the Affandi Museum located on Jl. Laksda Adisucipto. This museum holds hundreds of famous works by Affandi, one of the most famous painters in Indonesia. Not only that, now there is also a “Cafe Loteng” which is located above the museum tower for those of you who want to take a break while enjoying the atmosphere of Jogja.

8. Ullen Sentalu Museum – On the slopes of Merapi, there is a unique cultural museum that must be visited, Ullen Sentalu. Here, tourists can watch the collection of Mataram Kingdom relics that are still well maintained. A unique style building is one of the attractions of this museum. There are also some cafes and souvenir purchase centers with various attractive products.

9. Tembi Rumah Budaya – Invite family and children to see first hand the process of making puppets at Tembi Rumah Budaya, Bantul. Here, visitors can not only see first hand the process of painting puppet characters but also learn about the stories and history behind the puppet characters.

10. Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace – It is not complete if you have a vacation in Jogja but you do not pay a visit to the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace. This ancient building that is still used by the royal family holds various collections of culture and art that are hundreds of years old. And, you can also watch classical dance that is exhibited every day in the pavilion located inside the complex.

Jogja Has the Most Temple Collection – The city of Jogja is identical to the temple considering that this area does have many Hindu and Buddhist temples scattered at various points. Not only Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple, but there are still many other temples that are rich in history and worth a visit.
1. Plaosan Temple – Located in the area of ​​Bugisan Village, Prambanan, Klaten, Plaosan Temple is one of the small temples that is interesting to visit especially in the morning when the sun rises. There are two complexes in the area of ​​Plaosan Temple namely South Plaosan and Plaosan Lor. Plaosan Temple holds historical reliefs carved in all parts of the temple. Now, Plaosan Temple is still actively used by Buddhists for various religious rituals.

2. Kalasan Temple – In the Sleman region, precisely in Kalibening Village, there is a Kalasan temple with a stunning shape. This temple has three parts, namely the legs, body and roof of the temple. This Buddhist temple has a characteristic that is decoration when at the north and south entrance. Watch beautiful hundreds of years old carvings that decorate all parts of the temple.

3. Sewu Temple – At a glance, Sewu Temple has a look similar to Prambanan Temple. It’s just a lot smaller. Although called the Sewu Temple, there are only 257 inside the complex. This temple is located in the Prambanan valley so surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

4. Prambanan Temple – Here is one of the two largest temples in the Jogja region, Prambanan Temple. The temple belongs to Hindus is the most famous tourist attraction besides the Borobudur Temple. The Prambanan Temple complex is also often known as the Roro Jonggrang Temple because the origin of this temple is said to be related to the love story of King Bandung Bondowoso to the daughter of Roro Jonggrang. There are three main temples within the complex, namely Shiva Temple, Brahma Temple and Wisnu Temple.

5. Ratu Boko Temple – Not far from Prambanan Temple, there is Ratu Boko Temple which occupies 25 hectares of land with a look that resembles the former palace building. Ratu Boko Temple is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

6. Sambisari Temple – Located about 4 km from Prambanan Temple, take the time to visit the unique Sambisari Temple. This temple is more than 1200 years old and still maintained neatly until now. Here, you can learn the history of the temple while taking interesting photos with the background of exotic temples.

7. Ijo Temple – Ijo Temple is located on the hill Gumuk Ijo, Sleman. This temple complex offers historical temple buildings as well as beautiful natural scenery around the temple. There are 17 temple buildings in the complex, each of which is filled with historic carvings.

8. Barong Temple – This time, visit the top of the Great Batur Hill to witness the elegance of Barong Temple, the place of worship of Dewi Sri and Lord Vishnu. This twin temple that stands proud has existed since the 9th century and was built by people who hoped for the gift of fertility in the rocky limestone region.

9. Borobudur Temple – Who is not familiar with Borobudur Temple, a Buddhist temple that stands proudly in the Merapi mountain valley. Around the temple complex, there is a beautiful green scenery that spoils the eyes. Be sure to watch the dazzling sunset and sunrise from the top of the temple.

Jogja Ready to Fill the Stomach and Shake the Tongue – It is incomplete if you visit Jogja without taking the time to try out a variety of unique culinary items that are ready to shake your tongue. Jogja is not only famous for its warm atmosphere, but also many other culinary varieties that are just as delicious. Of course, you have to make a list of culinary places so that nothing is missed.

1. Angkringan Lik Man – Come on, we start with the most popular culinary in Jogja, angkringan. Angkringan Lik Man which is next to Tugu train station is the most famous angkringan in Jogja. The flagship menu is joss coffee, black coffee with a charcoal mixture burning hot in it. There are many special food menus that must be tried including cat rice or milkfish, various satay and fried foods.

2. Abhayagiri Restaurant – Famous for being surrounded by beautiful scenery against the background of Mount Merapi, Abhayagiri Restaurant is often a spot of photos targeted by young people. Food at this restaurant may not be too special, almost the same as other restaurants. However, all of that paid off with the beauty of the city of Jogja that was seen from a height.

3. Coffee Clinic – The Coffee Clinic was immediately flooded with customers since it became one of the spots for shooting AADC 2 films. Now, in this place, you can enjoy a cup or two of coffee that is specially served. As a result, the taste is even better than other coffees. Suitable for spending afternoons in the city of Jogja.

4. House of Raminten – With a typical Javanese traditional concept, House of Raminten is one of the unique cafes targeted by many tourists in Jogja. Entering the inside of the cafe, Javanese nuances with traditional fragrances feel thick. There are a variety of unique Jogja cuisines including a variety of drinks that are packaged nicely and uniquely. For the price, guaranteed very affordable.

5. Klathak Satay Pak Pong – Goat meat fans will surely fall in love with Pak Pong’s satay klathak. Unlike ordinary goat satay, klathak satay is made from young mutton and stabbed using iron sticks. With a special spread of spices, this satay has a savory and tender taste that is eaten along with the goat curry sauce. There are also other menus such as curry, tongseng and tengkleng.

6. Oseng Mercon Bu Narti – Spicy food fans must take the time to taste the processed culinary oseng mercon Bu Narti. This Oseng is made from pieces of beef including skin and kekel cooked together with a special blend of herbs and of course very much cayenne pepper. The result, this oseng is very spicy and enjoy. Make sure the stomach is not empty because it can trigger an ulcer reaction.

7. Gudeg Yo Djum – Jogja is synonymous with warmth. And, one of the most famous makers of gudeg is Yu Djum who has many restaurant branches in the Jogja region. The Jogja warm dish is dominated by sweetness and consists of young jackfruit vegetables that have been seasoned and cooked until they are dry, fried sauce, chicken and spicy boiled eggs.

8. Bakmi (Noodles) Mbah Mo – Culinary night that must be visited in Jogja is Bakmi Mbah Mo with Javanese noodles. With a blend of rich spices, free-range chicken and yellow noodles, Mbah Mo’s noodles have a distinctive and delicious taste. And, the price is affordable in the range of 15 to 20 thousand rupiahs.

Jogja Presents Smile Laughter in Children’s Faces – Inviting children to vacation in Jogja is clearly a very fitting decision. In recent years, many playgrounds for children have been built in the Jogja region and are very suitable to be a place for you and your family to spend vacation time. Here are some of the best tourist spots in Jogja that will be your children’s favorites.

1. Smart Park – Located not far from Malioboro, Taman Pintar offers the concept of fusion. educational tourism and recreational tourism. As a result, children can play while learning with friends. Here, there are many interesting playing and educational arenas to visit. With the cheap ticket price, Taman Pintar must be included in the visit list.

2. Kids Fun – Located about 30 minutes from downtown Jogja, Kids Fun, one of the most famous playgrounds in Jogja, offers many exciting games for kids. Some of the most favorite vehicles include Jet Rider, Bath Ball Arena, China Town, Planet Car, Grand Canyon Boat, Dune Bag, Wall Climbing, Flying Fox, Jet Coaster, Aqua Water Boom, Comedy Twist and Bumper Boat.

3. Gembira Loka Zoo – Children will love animals and in the Gembira Loka zoo, you can take your kids to see a collection of zoos from various parts of the world. A number of the most favorite collections of animals include lions, wallabies, honey bears, orangutans, chimpanzees, camels, spotted deer, hippos, Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and penguins.

4. De Mata De Arca Museum – This time, invite the children to develop their imagination by visiting the museum which contains 3-dimensional paintings and various unique sculptures. Let them take pictures as much as they like with the background of unique and interesting 3-dimensional paintings. Located in the XT Square building, this place is only about 15 minutes from downtown Jogja.

5. Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure – Who doesn’t like playing water rides. Now, Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure, a water boom is located in Maguwoharjo. This Waterboom presents many exciting and challenging water rides including South beach, Volcano Coaster, Bekti Adventure, Donte Wild River and Memo Racer.

6. Sindu Kusuma Edupark – Another recreation park in Jogja is located in Sinduadi, Sleman. As the name implies, this place not only presents children’s recreational facilities but also for education. Various exciting rides are ready to be tested including prickly lava, 8-dimensional films, carousels, hanta houses and much more.

7. Upside Down World Jogja – After success in Bali, Upside Down World is now present in the city of Yogyakarta, precisely on the North Ringroad road. What makes this place unique is the presentation that is made upside down as if against gravity. As a result, when you take a photo, it’s as if you can fight gravity. Unique, right?

8. Taman Pelangi Monjali – Want to visit a children’s playground that is open at night? Just come to Pelangi Monjali Park located on the North Ringroad road. At night, this park turns into a night tour alternative filled with beautiful lanterns of various shapes. In addition, there are also a number of exciting playgrounds including mini rickshaws, speed boats, rowing boats, car bombs and trampolines.

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