The Unique Waterfall at Banyunibo Beach

Natural tourist objects such as beaches and waterfalls always offer pleasant holiday sensation. Interaction with water when the skin meets with abundance fresh water gives a feeling of happiness. No wonder these two natural attractions are always crowded with visitors. Then what if the two natural attractions merge into one? Waterfall on the beach? Of course it will attract the curiosity of every visitor. Well, please visit Banyunibo Beach if you are curious about.

About Banyunibo Beach

Banyunibo Beach can be found in Gunungkidul Regency. This beach is commonly equated with Banyutibo Beach in Pacitan Regency, East Java. Both of these beaches have almost the same name only between nibo and tibo. In addition, the panorama offered is the same, namely the waterfall and the beach. But of course both of them have the uniqueness of each. So don’t get it wrong. Banyunibo is in Gunungkidul whereas Banyutibo is in Pacitan. Nibo itself means falling and can be understood as falling water or a waterfall. This beach is not too popular with less visitors because they don’t know where it is yet. Moreover, the location is indeed far from the main road. Even so, there are many tourists who are curious about the beauty of the Banyunibo Waterfall.

Challenging Trip to Banyunibo

Before visiting unique Banyunibo Beach in Gunungkidul, it is necessary to know in advance the terrain to the beach which is quite heavy. Unlike the popular beaches of Gunungkidul, the distance is not too far from the main road but this beach really needs extra effort. Of course it must rely on the vehicle  to reach the location. From Yogyakarta the distance is around 80 km where it takes about two to three hours to travel. To find the location, just follow the route to Siung Beach. The location is not far from Siung Beach. At least one route with the beach is better known by the wider community.

There are two routes to choose. The first route is from Yogyakarta to Piyungan to Patuk and Gading. Next go to Wonosari to Semanu and Girisubo then to Winangun to Siung Beach. While the second route after arriving at Wonosari, go to Baron Road to Purwodadi to Winangun and up to Siung Beach. A challenging trip awaits at Siung. Visitors have to walk at least two km on a hilly terrain. So make sure the footwear used is proper. The route is different when heading to Widodaren Beach, but the satisfaction will be obtained when succeed in conquering it.

Stairs to Go Down

Unlike the Manguntur Beach, the road terrain is not too heavy. Arrive at the destination; visitors will meet a ladder to go down to the beach. The beach itself is quite small but its uniqueness lies in the waterfall where the water flows to the beach below. Descend the stairs or rocks? It should be careful because they are quite slippery. If there is lot of visitors should be patient to wait for their turn and not to fight.

Bring Own Supplies

Towards unpopular beaches such as Manukan Beach and Banyunibo beaches, there are challenges. The challenge is conquering fear of trying new things. Don’t forget to prepare own supplies for the basic needs such as food and beverage supplies. Heavy locations certainly need extra supply energy because there will not any food and beverage stalls that provide a lot of food choices on location. The advantage of visiting challenging natural attractions is not only enjoying natural scenery but also doing good physical activity for health. So visiting Banyunibo Beach Gunungkidul can be an alternative vacation that provides new experiences.

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