Comprehensive Holiday Package at Baron Beach

The dense of activity makes boredom happen. Taking a short break for vacation can be an option. Nature tourism on the beach can be one answer. Get the freshness of mind by seeing the beautiful scenery around. Have relaxation just by playing water and walking on the beach meets the soft sand and broken coral. Even more perfect by enjoying typical culinary and having the opportunity to see the culture of the surrounding local community. One place to enjoy such fun is the Baron Gunungkidul Beach.

About Baron Beach

Baron Beach is in Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. In this village there is indeed a row of other beaches. However, this beach is indeed one of the favorite and popular beaches so it is not surprising to be crowded with visitors. The advantage of this beach, you can see the view from or a hill. Find the hill around the beach and also play and swim on the beach. Another option is to play and swim in the underground river on the beach. The river water flows towards the beach. Although it is near the sea and the water flows into the sea, the river water is fresh water. Some visitors who do not dare to swim on the beach usually choose to swim and play water in this river.

Sea Food Culinary and souvenirs

When on the beach you can enjoy culinary fish with various types. Want to buy raw fish to be cooked at home? Sure you can. Some types of fish are available including snapper, bawal, tuna, windu shrimp and others. You can buy it at the fish auction place around the beach. Have vacation with family including children, on this beach there are also children’s games so they will not feel bored. There are many stalls offering various types of craft made from shells such as animal characters, brooches, decorative lights, clam curtains, decorative mirrors, shells and others. When visiting Slili Beach, may be visitors couldn’t find a place to buy souvenirs.

The Baron Name Origin

Every place certainly has a history of each name. So is the name of the beach just like Krakal Beach that has a historical background name likewise with Baron Beach. That said, long ago, there was a nobleman from the Netherlands who landed his ship in the area. The nobleman was named Baron Skeber. Since then, this beach is known as Baron Beach. Yet, the truth of the story is actually unclear. The name Baron Skeber or Baron Sekeber is often heard in roles of kethoprak in various versions.

Ceremonial at Sea

Besides its natural attractions, visitors can enjoy cultural tourism at Baron Beach. The Gunungkidul community still holds tradition. One tradition that is still routinely carried out is the sea alms ceremony. The ceremony holds every first syuro in the Javanese lunar calendar. Tradition is done as an expression of gratitude from the local community to the God, especially for the fish they get every day at Baron Beach. If you want to see how the ceremony procession is celebrated, look for the right time or according to the ceremony schedule.

The ceremony cannot necessarily be held in other beaches such as Mbrumbun Beach or other beaches. So it is good to take the time to see it. In addition, on this beach there is also one interesting spot, namely the presence of lighthouses. The lighthouse has a height of about 40 meters with 9 floors inside. Visitors can also go up there by paying an entrance fee of IDR 5000, – when this article is written. How? Interesting right? Such a complete tour package when visiting Baron Beach.

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