Baronan Beach Offers Private Beach Sensations

Beach tourism is the main icon of Gunungkidul tourism destinations. It has more than 100 coastal locations from the west bordering Bantul to the east bordering Wonogiri. Some have been known to be tourist attractions since long years. Later the government and local residents began to open other beaches for tourist attractions. Up to now there are most recently be opened and few visitors such as Mbrumbun Beach, Bungusan Beach, Sadeng Beach, and Baronan Beach Gunungkidul.

Get to know Baronan Beach

Gunungkidul greatly benefited from its topographic form on the south coast. Many hidden beach locations continue to be explored for road access towards the beach, and managed by local residents. One of them is Baronan Beach.

Baronan Beach is a beach in the form of a narrow basin flanked by the cliff on the right and left. Baronan beach sand is yellowish with two large reefs on the shoreline. This beach is a location for fishermen to rest their boats after returning from fishing. Usually the beach is filled with fishing boats parked during the day.

Location of Baronan Beach

Baronan Beach is not the same as the Baron beach. The location of Baronan Beach is in Girisubo District, Gunungkidul Regency. The Baronan Beach Route can be reached from Yogyakarta via the main road to Wonosari direct to Songbanyu village in Girisubo. It takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes travel. Tourists can rely on Google Maps to facilitate travel. Access to the beach can be reached by motorbike or car private vehicle. When using public transportation, visitors must go to the Wonosari terminal then connected by rent a vehicle to Songbanyu village.

The Beauty of Baronan Beach

The thing that makes a beach attractive is usually the charm of the beauty of the landscape which is the unity of the vast expanse of sand, the color of sand, the calmness of the waves, and the surrounding view of the beach. Likewise with Baronan Beach. The coastal panorama flanked by two green cliffs offers oasis views in the middle of a hill.

Baronan Beach is still relatively quiet, but it is precisely the silence that is very valuable. Visitors can see the beach view from a height by climbing from the side of the cliff freely like a private beach. Around the beach there are coral reefs with fairly large shapes and some famous by the name Watu Centingan.

On the beach you can do swimming, playing water, walking around the beach, or just sitting around to enjoy the breeze and play sand. After being satisfied playing water, you can rest while enjoying fresh seafood food provided by the surrounding stalls. The sea products are very fresh because they are the catch of fishermen in the area. If you want to bring home fresh fish, you can buy them at the Fish Market at the beach location.

Baronan Beach Facility

Completeness of supporting facilities in a tourist location deeply supports the sustainability of the tourist attraction itself. If the facilities are complete, you will feel comfortable and at ease during the trip. Baronan Beach already has enough facilities even though it is still quiet. This beach has provided a large parking area, prayer room, toilets, rest area, food stalls, even lodging.

You must be aware to not to be too far from the shoreline, considering the waves of the south coast are large. Then you must obey the rules in the tourist area such as not damaging public facilities, does not damage natural property such as crossing rocks, and the last is to maintain cleanliness by not throwing garbage on the beach.

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