Best Fishing Spot at Bekah Sea Cliff

Unique and interesting tourist attractions are usually able to steal attention. Moreover, the uniqueness is rarely found elsewhere. Uniqueness that provides interesting spots or angles for photography. Or interesting spots to get sea views from various interesting angles. The beach is a favorite place to visit. Even though the hard-to-reach places, people would gladly to find. Gunungkidul is where many beaches are found. Through its uniqueness, the beaches immediately steal the attention. One of them is Bekah Sea Cliff.

​​Bekah Sea Cliff at a Glance

Bekah Sea Cliff is located on the border of Gunungkidul Regency and Bantul Regency. Precisely located in Purwosari District. This cliff is not too well known. So do not be too surprised when asking a few people then they are confused where the location of the tourist attraction that is unique with the cliffs and hills. Yet, it has become the best place to reflect and look for inspiration with a view of the open sea and the sound of waves.

For fan of beach tourism and like to play around the water, this Bekah Beach Gunungkidul is not suitable. That’s because the steep hills and cliffs dominate the Bekah Sea. Even the steepness of the sea is up to 180 degrees. But it can be a place to relax and look for photographs with the best angle.

Many Sea Animals

The good things at Bekah Sea ​​Wonosari is the presence of marine animals that are rarely seen on other beaches. It could be because the location is different from other beaches in Gunung Kidul so that many marine animals are seen. It is said that according to local people sometimes seen also a school of whales or sharks even dolphins in the place. According to residents the best time to see dolphins is in the morning or evening. But of course visitors can’t always see it so don’t expect too much when in this place.

Fish, Turtles, and Sunset

While at the Nglimun Beach and other beaches usually have characteristics that make it attractive. For example, rich in fish and views of the sunrise and sunset. Can also be visited a lot because often seen turtles. Turtles that are looking for food or walking there here around a coral cliff like seen on the Bekah Sea Cliff. In addition there are many fish in this location. So don’t be surprised if there are many people who are fishing here. Especially on weekends, visitors who fish can be double. Many fishing spots are available in this location.

In addition to fishing spots, people who visit the Jugala beach and other beaches will usually be curious about how the sun rises or sets in the location. Well, the Bekah Sea Cliff also has best view of sunrise and sunset. Coupled with the background of the high seas certainly gives an interesting and stunning angle. Moreover, the waves always come and go rumbling to break the silence when hitting a solid cliff. Seawater also bursts, splits and gives epic views with twilight lines in the sky.

How to Get to the Cliff

As the beach’s location which is not yet widely known, it makes many people curious to this cliff. The location is quite hidden plus a route that is not easy to pass. For adventure fans this place can be challenging by going through a long route with a bumpy road. About 60 km from the direction of Jogja City, with a predominantly con block and rocky road. Very slippery during the rainy season. Or can also find out among the fishing community because Bekah Sea Cliff has the best spot for fishing.

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