Why Should You Have Vacation at Belang Beach?

The beauty of the scenery offered has become very magnetism to tourist attractions, especially natural resource such as mountains and beaches. Moreover, if there are existed mountains and surrounding areas of lush sea pandanus around the coast. The beach will be look even more charming. The landscape looks more beautiful and pure. Watching scene when the sun slowly begins to set always makes the eyes fascinated. This is the attraction of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. One of them is Belang Beach.

About Belang Beach

Belang Beach can be visited in Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach has a refreshing atmosphere especially being included as the part of quiet beaches Gunungkidul which makes it suitable for relaxing or seclusion. It coupled with the green scenery around provides a calming atmosphere. Things to do at beach such as, enjoying on the hammock as the waves coming and going. Can also bring fishing equipment to find fish while on the beach. Or just walk from end to end, explore each spot of the beach. Do not forget to bring photography equipment. It can be sure there are many angles of photos from natural scenery, candid surrounding community activities, and sunset if possible.

Every beach does have its own characteristics. For example, Kukup, Krakal, Baron and Drini Beach are known as traditional fishing ports. Also known as a fish auction. On these beaches visitors can watch the fishermen who sell their catch every morning. The variety of fish catch is different. Likewise in Belang, if interested in finding fish to grill or bring it home, ask the local where to find it. There are certain times where marine fish are easy to obtain. Even certain types of fish sometimes can only be obtained in certain seasons.

Activities To Do

While on Kapen Beach and Belang, there are many activities to do. It can be just walking on the beach, sitting around enjoying the scenery, being able to provide relief even for a moment. Without realizing, this activity is able to recharge the energy in the body and soul to be fresh again. And if you like the silence this beach can be inspiring and mesmerizing at the same time. Or you can swim on the beach. But for this one activity, you must raise more awareness because southern beaches usually have quite high waves.

Camping on the beach

Adventure tourism enthusiasts will obviously choose the new beach in Jogja as a holiday destination. Besides not being crowded with visitors, the condition is also clean so it is very comfortable during sightseeing. These beach also used as a location for camping. This is nothing but natural conditions that support. Like when on the Watu Kodok Beach with the area and the surrounding environment that is very supportive to be used as a camping location. The available facilities are supportive as well. The availability of equipment rental places needed for example tents is another reason. However, make sure to obtain permit for camping upon arrival.

Bring Own Supplies

When visitingBelang Beach Jogja and deciding to camp, you should bring own equipment or supplies. Although sometimes there are food stalls but open hour is limited. So, food and drink supplies should be estimated for camp duration. Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag to store or bring back the trash produced. This way, you will feel more enjoyable while surfing, swimming and walking. Given the fact that the beach is still natural, it is another plus although it also means that it has not been managed professionally by the tourism industry. But before deciding to camp, always obtain the local beach permits. So, ready to vacation at Belang Beach Gunungkidul?

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