Hunting Batik Wooden Mask at Bobung Tourism Village

Gunungkidul Regency can be referred to as one of the tourist-aware districts. The regency develops its regional potential by strengthening the tourism sector. The government also empowers the local wisdom of the population by forming tourism village. The aim is to preserve the culture of local communities in order to remain well maintained, provide facilities to the public to get to know the local culture, and increase the income of local and regional communities.

Bobung Tourism Village History

Bobung is the name of an area in Patuk Gunungkidul District. This area was chosen to be one of the many tourist villages formed by the regional government of Gunungkidul. Babung Tourism Village is well-known as a center of wooden batik craft with its distinctive product is a wooden mask. This village is used as a tourist village because there are up to 800 batik mask crafter.

Reviewing the history, this wooden mask was made because in the past there were Panji dance arts which in their performance wore masks. This dance is said to be introduced by Sunan Kalijaga through the propagation of Islam as a form of gratitude to God every harvest season arrives. Until now the Panji dance is still preserved by Bobung villagers. Then the Panji Dance became its own attraction for tourists who came to Bobung Village to see their appearance.

Initially the making of wooden batik mask craft was only for dance performance purposes. But now the craft produced has varied from home displays, key chains, trays, puppets, and others. Finishing new techniques also applied to improve selling value.

Bobung Tourism Village Location

In 2001 this village officially became the Bobung Tourism Village. It is approximately 30km from the center of Yogyakarta city or about 10 km to the direction of Wonosari.

This tourist village can be reached easily through the main road of Yogya-Wonosari with very good road conditions by relying on GPS. For those who use public transportation, stop at the city bus terminal in Gunungkidul, then connect with motorbikes that are familiar when calling the destination to Bobung Tourism Village Wonosari.

Bobung Tourism Village Uniqueness

Each tourist village must have its own characteristics. Like the Garotan Tourism Village and Mojo Tourism Village, Babung has distinctiveness as a center for craftsmen of wooden batik masks. Along with the development of the era the handicrafts produced are diverse not only masks but also animal forms that have successfully penetrated the export market.

In this village tourists can see the workshop of the craftsmen to add insight into the making of batik masks from the initial process to finishing. In the village there are also galleries to display the work of craftsmen. It is certainly a treasure for art lovers when visiting the village and go home with handicrafts.

Bobung Tourism Village also provides a means for tourists to learn more in detail how to make wooden batik craft by home visit. After completing a tour of the manufacture and results of wooden mask crafts, visitors can head to the Bobung Tourism Village Waterfall to refresh themselves.

Complete Facility

The village already has complete tourist facilities. Facilities for supporting the comfort of tourists are very much taken into account such as the availability of parking areas, resting places, prayer rooms, bathrooms and toilets, and food stalls. Not to forget the home visit facilities as described above as a means to learn more about the process of making wooden batik mask crafts from beginning to end.

For travelers who are bored with the beach, it is necessary to try to get a different atmosphere by visiting the Bobung Tourism Village.

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