Let’s Go To Botorubuh Beach

The beaches in Gunungkidul are known for being very beautiful and natural. The beaches represent many choices with each of its characteristics. Holidays become fun because there is no need to be confused where the destination is. Moreover, getting to the location is getting easier. The existence of Google Map is very helpful. Not to mention when renting a car as transportation coupled with driver who can at the same time be a guide because he understands the intended location. Well, between the rows of Gunungkidul beaches, have you ever tried to stop at Botorubuh Beach?

About Botorubuh Beach

Botorubuh Beach is one of the beaches with special characteristics. Going to Botorubuh Beach Gunungkidul can give new experience with different sensations from any other beaches. Every visitor has different sense of pleasure to do on beach. Some will happy on the beach by playing water, playing football, playing sand and so on. Different from those who are looking for inspiration or tranquility. Sitting on the beach with the breeze and the waves not infrequently can spark new ideas or enthusiasm. Visiting a crowded beach can also give a different sensation. So, it is common that the share story will be different one and another even though it takes place in one location. Everyone can have a different story despite experiencing the same thing.

Fishing Tourism

Besides being known as a natural tourist spot, Gunung Kidul beach is also known to have spots for fishing. Even some new or unpopular beaches are already well known among fans of this fishing hobby. Some hobbyists like fishing in extreme places and challenging others who are looking for quiet places. Botorubuh can be an alternative place for fishing. Fishing on beach presents its own challenges. The waves that come and go from one another add more enthusiasm to fishing. Don’t forget to prepare the fishing rods when coming to this beach.

Beach Attractiveness

In addition to being present as one of the Gunungkidul beach fishing spots it has an attraction that cannot be ignored. It starts from the natural landscape and the dominance of coral. The atmosphere on the beach provides sensations that cannot be expressed in words. Blue sea water from a distance as well as the blue sky provides a comfortable feeling. Even the beach that is not too wide will not be a problem. It is easier to explore. For example, visitors are freely hunting marine biota like on Ngusalan beach or other beaches.

That is why this beach and Watu Bonang beach are very suitable spend vacation time. It can be done alone, with friends or family.

Having vacation with the loved one certainty makes more happiness since visitors can do interesting activities together. Moreover, the location is not too far away, can be a vacation in save expenses. The place does not disappoint. Free to enjoy it or ignore every moment from various angles and suitable for photography enthusiasts.

Supported by Public Facilities

When deciding to visit Dadapan Beach and Botorubuh or other beaches it is necessary to make a plan in advance like which beach location is close to each other. And, find out which beach is equipped with public facilities such as parking lots, bathrooms, food stalls, trash bins and so on. At least if the first beach visited is not equipped with these facilities, you simply can go to another beach location. When in Botorubuh, you don’t need to worry because the facility is available. These adequate facilitiesmake the vacations more comfortable. Even so, it is better to prepare supplies and equipment before vacationing at Botorubuh Beach Gunungkidul.

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