Need Vacations? Let’s Go to Butuh Beach!

Being in breathtaking natural landscapes may give inner peace especially if in everyday life you are always busy with the density of work and city traffic. Escape for a moment, stay away from the crowd and enjoy time to take a rest. Luckily there are many tourist attractions that provide opportunities for those who are always busy with activities. One of them is a beach which provides natural scenery and sound waves create relaxation.

About Butuh Beach

Butuh Beach is in Krambilsawit Village, Gunungkidul Regency. It is one of many quiet beaches on Gunungkidul that are later many visitors looking for. Some famous beaches will be crowded at holiday or weekend makes less comfortable for visitors who like the private and quiet. Moreover, each quiet beach has unique things that distinguish it from other beaches. Things that cannot be found in each other. Including the privileges of the surrounding environment, the friendliness of local residents and even the local culture further adds to the peculiarities of each beach.

What about Butuh Beach? This beach is between karst mountain, the surrounding trees look lush and green. This scene is so cool with a combination of blue sea water, white clouds among blue sky and of course the sound of the waves crashing the rocks. The ticket price Butuh Beach is so affordable. It costs at IDR 10,000 and visitors may explore two beaches. The tickets include fee to visit Ngedan Beach which is located not far from the beach. It is an advantage for visitors by only paying once for two different locations.

Not Many Public Facilities

Less numbers and frequency of visitors on this beach make the Butuh Beach facilities for the public is not complete yet. But people can still find bathrooms, food stalls and parking lots. But don’t look for luxury lodging. Even the inn was almost non-existent. Usually visitors who want to spend the night on this beach choose to camp or set up a tent. It is not like popular beach such as Indrayanti beach which is more touristy with many choices of inns available.

The Route to Need Beach

Have you ever visited Pok Tunggal Beach? of course looking for the beach route is much easier. To reach Butuh Beach, it needs more effort. The first trip starts from Jogja City to Imogiri to Panggang. Next to Giriwungu until the intersection of the Girimulyo Legundi to the left until Saptosari continues to MTS Yappi Jetis, meets fork after the Nurul Huda Mosque takes to the right. Arriving at the Ngloro Field, met the first T-junction then went right to the Ngejaman Ngondel T-junction to the left and continued to meet Saptosari and State Bibis Public Elementary Schools.

Meeting the T-junction to the right is a sign. Follow the instructions to arrive at Butuh Beach. Many have suggested going to this beach by tracking from Ngeden Beach. Whichever choice to choose can ultimately make visitors enjoy the beauty of the beach comfortably.

Well Prepared Supply

When going to visit a new beach it needs more detail preparation. For example to Trenggole beach or other beaches that are rarely visited by tourists. Bring food or drink as a provision is very necessary. Enjoying beautiful scenery while feeling hungry or thirsty will certainly destroy the holiday mood. Besides that, bring a plastic bag to carry every garbage produced. This way, the beach will stay clean and wonderful. Don’t forget to carry some kind of mat that can be used to sit while on Butuh Beach.

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