Let’s Spend Holiday Time at Butun Doyong Beach

Holidays are always fun when having plans to visit a tourist object. Especially if it is a holiday accompanied by family or closest friends. Planning ahead, starting from determining the destination to the budget needed. For agenda with friends usually choose a lot of natural attractions such as beaches or mountains then do trekking or camping. Well, Gunungkidul Regency has tourist attractions that allow tourists to do hiking, trekking and camping even just relaxing holidays can be done. One of them is Butun Doyong Beach.

Get to know Butun Doyong Beach

Butun Doyong Beach is in Gunungkidul Regency. One of the new beaches in Gunungkidul and has not been touched by the tourism industry. As a result, not many tourists from outside Jogja know about it. Even in Jogja it is still not very popular. Even so, this beach has a lot of amazing potential and will make visitors fascinated by its beauty. Sand and rock adorn the coastline. Meet the waves that come in turn. Visitors are free to swim or play sand. Some are just walking around while capturing every time they find interesting spots. Visitors can also carry mats that can be used to sit while on the beach. Morning or evening can be the most appropriate time because it’s not too hot.

The Best Place to Short Escape

Being on quiet beach Gunungkidul can be the best place to find peace. many workloads that must be resolved while the social environment is less supportive makes people more depressed. Well, vacationing to quiet places can be a solution. The quiet beaches of visitors will be a soothing place. With few visitors, they can choose the preferred spot. Then they can just sit around enjoying the breeze, hearing the waves, while playing sand or water and looking at the surrounding mountains.

It can also be interesting to invite friends or family to have vacation. More member involved in the trip, the ambience would be really more happening. And you can camp at the Manukan beach and in Butun Doyong. It is better to ask the management or local people about permission to do camping. It could be subject to certain tariffs or there are certain rules that need attention. At night, youcan make a bonfire while sharing a lot of things with a sprinkling of stars in the sky while grilling corn or fish. Night atmosphere will be even more fun.

Find Out Information

For a backpacker, exploring tourist attractions using public transport is certainly familiar. What common is the existence of many hidden places that are actually known to these backpackers. So if getting confused in direction to visit the Manguntur Beach and ask about transportation means there is no harm in asking them. There are many backpacker communities. In addition, they usually have their own communication media such as groups on social media such as Facebook or website to ask about the price, route, etc. Or get info from fishing community. There are many extreme places they know.

Prepare Stamina

When heading to Widodaren Beach and a row of quiet beaches in Gunungkidul, make sure the body is in fit condition especially when heading to a remote location where it is necessary to go through steep roads, the rice fields or even climb the hill. Choose footwear which is suitable on various road fields. The difficult terrain to pass will pay off once getting to the location. The distance is already close if you can hear the waves of the sea, it will give a sensation to walk quicker to the beach. Likewise, the situations when visitors are on Butun Doyong Beach.

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