Fun Fishing at Celeng Tibo Beach

Fishing is one of the men favorite types of activities. Although there are also women who like this hobby, most of them are men especially if fishing in extreme areas. Unusual fishing area. The chosen location is usually remote and quite challenging. For example, on beaches with rocks and cliffs in remote places. A hidden place unknown to many people which sometimes as a destiny for adventurers. One of them is Celengtibo Beach.

About Celeng Tibo Beach

Have a hobby of fishing in anti-mainstream places? Visitors should try fishing on the Celeng Tibo Beach. Perhaps not many know the beach in Girikarto Village, Gunungkidul. Most of beach visitors are fans of fishing activities. Especially fishing in places at challenging spots. One of them is a fishing spot on the sea cliff. Usually this activity is carried out in groups. There are indeed fishing communities. They are also just a gathering of fellow fans of this activity. Well, Celengtibo Beach is one of the beaches known as its fun fishing spots. Tend to be calm, lots of fish with awesome views. The location is not far from Kesirat Beach. Even some of them obtained information about this beach because before going to Kesirat.

Excellence of Celengtibo Beach

Why people have to spend time fishing on the Celeng Tibo Beach? When on this beach it will find a cliff gap. The gap is located between the cliffs of the beach. Many fishermen or visitors are fishing in a bamboo tent. The building is on the edge of a cliff. A very comfortable spot for fishing. Quieter compared to Kesirat Beach with natural scenery that is also charming. Even though it is necessary to reach the path and need at least 10 to 15 minutes from Kesirat Beach but tired will pay off when it reaches this beach.

Celengtibo Beach is often an alternative to fishing when visitors feel bored fishing at Kesirat Beach. Or when in Kesiratis too full of anglers from various places. After all, the natural scenery offered is almost the same and clearly enchanting. This beach is already known to fishermen or other anglers as a rock fishing location. The atmosphere is clearly different from the Torohudan beach but still this beach is recommended. Fishing does require patience that is why fishing has an important role. Fishing is not just fishing but how to go through every process. Some even fishing to reduce stress.

Keep Awareness

Although the beach for fishing in Jogja is always able to steal attention but to get in people must be careful because of difficulties location to reach. Even have to go through the path. Where the right and left of the road is a cliff and covered with bushes. Just one little step can make a slip. It may be eager to immediately plug the hook in fishing rod, but pay attention to stay safe which is more important thing. This awareness needs to be applied also when visiting other locations especially beaches that are still new such as Ngrawah beach and other beaches.

How to Find Celengtibo Beach

Every new beach always has its own route. When it was first discovered, Ngrenahan Beach was also difficult to find. Likewise, with Celengtibo Beach. It could be easier to find because actually the main destination is Kesirat Beach. But due to meeting with local residents or anglers they recommend about this beach. The location is not far from Kesirat Beach even the parking lot is being in one. So to look for Celeng Tibo Beach better to ask local residents who will be happy to help.

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