The Uniqueness Dadap Ayam Beach

The beauty of the beaches in Gunungkidul is undeniable. The existing beach rows offer the beauty of white sand, crystal clear sea water sparkling in the sun, various color small fish, school fish on the sidelines of the coral, and other marine biota or the magical sunset. Beaches to be visited are varying based on visitors desire. For the popular beach the advantage is the location is easily found, supported by adequate facilities, one of which is lodging. Want a more private beach to enjoy a calm atmosphere, one of them is Dadap Ayam Beach.

Overview of Dadap Ayam Beach

Dadap Ayam Beach is actually close to Ngobaran Beach, east of the beach area of Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach has an amazing landscape. Sea water is quite calm. There is coral in the shoreline. The beauty is more visible because it’s located between the cliffs especially when visiting it during the afternoon, waiting for the sunset the offered view will be filled with the sun slowly swallowed by the ocean between the cliffs.

The other characteristic of beach sometimes were used to point name of certain beach. The beauty found here are many medicinal plants growing around the edge of the beach or river estuary, namely Dadap Ayam, which eventually was chosen as the name of the beach. But lately these plants are actually difficult to find.

The Warmth of Sand Beach

It is fun when visiting a beach, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy it with satisfaction. May be it couldn’t be done at crowded beaches with many visitors come because they must share space to have fun. But this certainly does not apply in a quiet beach like Grendan Beach or Dadap Ayam. This is the beach where visitors could sleep comfortably on or laying on the warm sand at the afternoon without worrying about disturbing other visitors. This pleasant activity could be relaxing.

Hidden Location

Not much different from Botorubuh Beach, Dadap Ayam is also located quite hidden even though it is not far from Ngobaran beach. This hidden location is not known by many people. To reach this beach it is necessary to go through a quite challenging route. After a long journey from Yogyakarta to Gunungkidul, visitors will find with Kanigoro Village, find the location of Ngobaran Beach first. After it, find the down steps. Then to go through the forest and green bushes reach the beach. To ensure that the journey or route taken is right, visitors may ask the local residents and the parking attendants. They will help visitors happily.

No Regression

Being on the Watu Boning Beach certainly offers a different experience with in Dadap Ayam. One of them is the view of the coral hills located east of Ngobaran Beach. This hill can be said as a separator or distance between Ngobaran and Dadap Ayam. The rock on the beach is quite slippery, so it needs to be careful to explore it. As a beach that is rarely visited, this beach is so special with its sand. This not too wide beach is also dominated by seabed coral rocks.

The existence of the floor on the sea floor makes this beach an alternative fun vacation. The existence of cliffs on both sides of this beach such as gates and coral rocks are overgrown with seaweed. What makes this beach even more special, when the water subsides, visitors can mingle with the existing marine biota. But don’t forget to supply enough. Because there are not many food stalls in its location. The struggles to find Dadap Ayam Beach will pay off when arriving at the location.

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