Let’s Have Adventure at Dadapan Beach

Holidays on the beach are identical to having fun with water and sand. Enjoy the beauty of the beach in leisure activity, especially for people who just like to sit by the beach and not swim. But, it will be different when decided to go to new beaches in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Some of those beaches required extra effort to enjoy, since the location is quiet remote to the main roads. One of them is Dadapan Beach.

Location of Dadapan Beach

Dadapan Beach is one of the beaches in Girisubo District, Gunungkidul Regency. The location is on the border between Gunungkidul on the west side and Wonogiri Regency, Central Java on the east side of the beach, this beach is also often referred to as Mangetan Beach. There is a white pole on one of the rocks. These stakes are regional boundaries. Because of its location on the border, not infrequently there are also those who call it Dadapan Beach Wonogiri. Its location in the eastern end of Yogyakarta is often said to be the right location for adventure. The location is remote and far from the city center, it needs extra effort to reach it.

Effort to  Dadapan Beach

If you have previously visited Watu Kebo beach or Ngungap beach, then the trip to the beach is quite difficult, so it is nothing compared to the trip to Dadapan. The long journey started from Wonosari Highway which continues towards Wediombo Beach. This beach is behind the Wediombo hill. The hill is about 40 meters high and has to walk for at least 2 km. The joys along the way are the breeze and the sound of the birds singing cheerfully. Don’t hesitate to continue the trip because the beach is waiting. Worry about getting lost? Just ask the local people.

With its far distance, of course the road conditions are also different. Not all roads are paved yet. You will meet paved, earthy and rocky roads. Certain situations are not much different when traveling to Jungwok Beach or other quiet beaches of Gunungkidul. But the trip to Dadapan Beach is indeed need more patience and strong physical. When almost at the location, you will hear the sound of the waves and capture the moments while on the top of the hill.

About Dadapan Beach

Each beach has its own secrets including the reason for naming the beach such as Sedahan Beach. It is interesting to find out about the reasons for naming, including the meaning of the name. Like Dadapan Beach. It is said that the name dadapan is taken from the word dadap. Dadap is the name of a plant that is often used for fever herbal remedy. Dadap leaves are believed to help reduce fever in the body. Well, once this plant was commonly found on this beach. It’s just that nowadays, dadap plants are rarely found. This beach is not too broad and even seems tiny. But it has an exotic view with steep coral base and is also surrounded by coral reefs.

Supporting Facilities

There are not too many supporting facilities on this beach like when on Groweng beach and other quiet beach. Facilities such as bathrooms, rest areas, and parking areas can still be found but not optimal. Don’t look for food stalls because this beach is indeed quiet, even though it has potential. We recommend bringing enough food and drinks. When deciding to visit this beach, choose the time in the morning so it’s not too hot. Then considering the terrain that must be passed, the footwear used must be comfortable. So, ready to adventure on Dadapan Beach Gunungkidul?

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