The Beauty of Dluwok Beach

Beaches can be said to be one of the tourism icons in Gunungkidul. Its coast lined with beaches with amazing panoramas from beaches that are well known to tourists to quiet beaches which are not yet popular among the tourists. Regardless of the popularity of the beach, most beaches in Gunungkidul area are wonderful with Dluwok Beach being one of them.

Get to Know Dluwok Beach

Dluwok Beach in Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency can be said as a small beach. This pretty hidden beach is located right between Ngobaran Beach and Ngrenehan Beach. This beach is not widely known because it has not been opened for public. If you have previously heard or visited Dadap Ayam Beach, this beach has almost the same route. It is necessary to walk along the until find some pine cone trees growing high on the edge of a cliff and a permanent building that has not finished its processing, this indicates arrival at the destination, Dluwok Beach. Every year the number of tourists visiting Gunungkidul is increasing so it is not surprising that the construction of all the facilities support looks so serious.

Dluwok Beauty

Blue sea water with strong waves makes it impossible to play water with high waves. Visitors can enjoy the waves through the cracks of the cliffs. The cliff is behind a row of pine trees. The beach is under the cliff of the hill. This beach area is not as wide as Ngobaran Beach but it is enough to give a stunning view and as if enjoying a private beach. Visitors don’t have to go down to the beach to enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the other scenery offered by Gander Beach and other beaches.

But if visitors still intend to go down to the beach, there are stairs to the beach. The stairs have been built properly. The beauty of the beach can spoil the eyes. The waves that bumped into the rocks sounded thrilling. Make sure when it’s going down, the waves aren’t too big. When the waves are high visitors should enjoy the view from a distance. After all, the beach conditions are quite clean. The beach looks natural with some pandan trees visible on coral cliffs. A large wave will sink the bottom of the cliff including sand and rock that is on the beach.

Notice to Warning Sign

This clean, soft and natural view of white sand certainly encourages people to go down the beach when visiting Sedahan beach. Unfortunately, Dluwok is known to the surrounding community as a beach with big waves. Large waves hit rocky rocks result in amazing scenery and thrilling voice. At sunset the scenery is so epic. Despite curiosity and feeling of being safe, but visitors must be careful. The nature may change suddenly especially if local have been warned about the big waves before. It’s best to follow it. Residents around are usually familiar with the conditions at beach.

Find Out the Best Time

There may be no problem to explore in visiting the Wedanan beach. But this is not the case at Dluwok. The beach may be in high tide when visitors come to. The waves up till they sprung up cliff. Please do obey the warning around for own safety. If visitors really want to explore the coast better first ask the local people about the weather. Or if possible and it is permissible to try camping around the beach. So visitors can learn about the surrounding conditions and find out when to explore and enjoy the exotic views of Dluwok Beach closely.

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