The Excellencies of Drini Beach

When talking about tourism in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, it cannot be separated from the beautiful beaches. There are so many beaches offered by Gunungkidul to be visited with various characteristics. Beaches with white sand, coral beaches, beaches with sea fish, beaches with strong waves, quiet beaches, and so on. How many beaches in Gunungkidul have you visited? What about Drini Beach? Have you visited it?

About Drini Beach

From Yogyakarta city center, it takes at least two hours to get to Drini Beach by using a motorcycle or car. Don’t worry because the road to the Drini beach is quite easy and the location is easy to find. The guides are also many. This is because Drini is one of the popular beaches and is preferred by tourists. This beach is also different from other beaches. There is a coral island on the shoreline that seems to split Drini into two parts. The eastern part is the quiet Drini area while the western part is the Drini area with tighter waves. This beach can be visited every day.

The entrance fee Drini beach is quite affordable because it is one with entrance tickets to Baron, Kukup, Sundak, Sepanjang, Indrayanti, Pok Tunggal, and Krakal Beach. It is available to be visited it in the morning, afternoon or evening. But the most comfortable timing to visit is in the morning or evening while jogging or staying overnight with friends.  In the morning, people take a walk or jogging along the beach. Inhaling the fresh morning air of the beach is certainly good for breathing. While during the afternoon, take a walk and enjoy the warmth of the beach sand to wait while the sun goes down. If interested in camping around the beach, it is necessary to ask the manager whether it is allowed or not. There may be certain requirements such as paying rent for a place or another.

Special Beach

Each beach has its own features that distinguish it from other beaches. For example, Watu Bolong Beach has a distinctive appeal with a hollow stone. While in Drini, there is a small island in the middle. Well, the island seems to divide the beach into two parts. The island is said to be overgrown with Pemphis acidula or santigi. Local people call it Drini, that’s what makes this beach called Drini. At low tide, the island can be visited. From the island the whole beach could be seen. Drini plants are unfortunately no longer found. The beach is filled with sea pandanus.

Fun Vacation Places

A short break is needed to rest or ease the tension daily tasks. Holiday by visiting entertainment places or doing fun activities are very helpful. Beaches can be one solution. The right place to enjoy stunning scenery. Not only that, it could be the exercise to body by taking a walk along the beach or swim. Activities are maximized when deciding to spend the night looking for lodging on the Drini beach or maybe camping which can be an alternative. Especially on the beach is also rich in marine biota including fish. Camping and doing seafood barbeque on the beach is certainly very pleasant. 

Interaction with Local Residents

Visiting quiet beaches like Sanglen Beach, one of the benefits is being able to communicate or interact with local people. Including when in Drini even though this beach is already quite popular. Interact with fishermen or fish sellers is interesting, they may have lot of additional information about vacation locations. Who knows maybe you can find out about hidden locations on Drini Beach that many other visitors don’t know, so don’t hesitate to greet them.

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