Being Up to Date by Visiting Embung Batara Sriten

Embung was originally built to hold water and become a water reserve for the surrounding community. But later it became one of the favorite tourist attractions. Its strategic location with natural scenery, minimal pollution and affordable are several reasons. Just to be a place for status updates on social media can also be okay. For photography enthusiasts, it can make it a place for photo hunting. So, which reservoirs have been visited?

About Embung Batara Sriten

Embung Batara Sriten is located in Sumilir Hill, Gunungkidul. This embung is also known as the highest embung among the ponds in Jogja. This is what makes it so special. Scenery from a height is always amazing especially in the mountains.Batara name is an abbreviation of the location of the embung, namely the mountains of North Baturagung (Batara) while Sriten is located in the Sriten hamlet. Its location at high altitude makes it special with the sights offered. Plus, the entry ticket Embung Sriten is very affordable, only IDR 3000, – at least until this article is written.

Route to Embung

Actually the way to get to that location is very easy. Especially if using car rental services, they usually already know where the locations of tourist attractions are. To find the location just follow the Embung Sriten map, the current technology is increasingly sophisticated as well as the designation of a place. More accurate.

If the route from the direction of Jogja, they have to go to Wonosari Street, continue to Sambipitu T-junction, turn left, go to Nglipar. Meet the Eucalyptus Plantation until the T-junction before the Nglipar Market turns to take the left direction. Head for Nglipar-Ngawen road. Get to the Pilangrejo Village Chief’s Office then turn left following the asphalt road and cast blocks. Well, after that visitorswill see the guide to the Embung. It is different if you take the Embung Sriten route from Klaten. Do ask the local people who will be happy to help.

What To Do at Embung?

There are many things that can be done here. Visitors can enjoy stunning natural scenery with gentle breezes. Especially in this embung there are many gazebos that can be used to sit around enjoying the scenery. Certainly different when on vacation on the beach for example on the Ngrumput Beach. Although embung is an artificial tourist spot, it is no different from other natural attractions.

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But don’t expect to be able to fish here like many found in other ponds. Embung Batara Sriten is made using a special technique that is the use of a thin layer of geo membrane that resembles black plastic. Well, maintenance of fish is feared to damage the layer. That’s why there are no fish in this place. But visitors can hunt for sunset views here. They can get interesting angles with the reflection of the colors of the sky, rivers and sunlight. If a fan of photography, this place must be included in the list of places to visit besides Klampok beach. They will get many interesting spots including the most interesting photo objects.

Camping and Hammocking Places

When come to the sea, the sensation of mild wind with salty seawater gives its own nuances. Similarly, when in this beautiful refreshing embung. For example, invite close friends, friends or family camping here. The location is not too high and not too tiring to achieve it. The air was quite cool. Visitors can also just bring a hammock and install it among the trees. While reading a book and enjoying the breeze will provide a different experience while on vacation. How? Visit Embung Batara Sriten?

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