The Uniqueness of Gander Beach Gunungkidul

The beaches in Gunungkidul Regency are known to always present natural beauty. Not only that but some beaches also offer other things to visitors. For example, on Krakal Beach that can be used for surfing because the waves are known to be more ferocious than other beaches in Gunungkidul. For marine biota fans, they can enjoy snorkeling at Sadranan Beach which is known as a quiet lagoon. Every beach in Gunungkidul has unique characteristics. One of the most unknown beaches in Gunungkidul is Gander Beach.

Get to know Gander Beach

Gander Beach is not as popular as other beaches. The location is quite remote and has not been managed by the tourism industry. The unpopularity of the Gander Beach Gunungkidul is a common thing because the beaches in Gunungkidul are many. Some of them have been managed based on tourist attractions in general. For example, the presence of supporting facilities such as trash cans, toilets, parking lots, trash bins and rescue teams that are ready to provide assistance for visitors.

This beach has a beauty that makes people enjoy it. The quiet atmosphere provides holiday comfort. A stretch of sand welcome the waves along with rocks and broken pieces of shelled houses. Everyone will definitely enjoy this view, by sitting around on the beach while enjoying snacks or maybe just daydreaming.

Amazing Sunset View

Just like the Nampu Beach which is crowded during the afternoon, many visitors want to enjoy the view of the sunset at Gander. To see sun slowly goes down changes the color of the sky around it. The scenery is amazing, so is with the ambience. The warmth sea water, sand and rocks on the beach coupled with increasingly strong winds blowing deliver visitors to end the day beautifully. Wherever the location is, the view of the sunset is a sight that anyone does not want to miss. That is why when it was late afternoon, the beaches are still crowded with visitors.

Many Things Can Be Done

It is common issue that there are so many new beaches in Gunungkidul. Beaches with distinctive features offers stunning views. The beauty of a place for everyone is different. Some places have sand that dominates a beach. There are also those who like rocky beach. There are also more who pay attention to the existence of marine biota. Some actually pay more attention to how big the waves are and so on.

Visitors have their own favorite things to do. Some swim so they know the water is not too tight. Some surf because the waves are friendly enough to surf boards. Some play with the sand, some do fishing and some walk along the beach and explore every part of the beach to find out what marine biota exist. These things might also be seen when visitors are on Watu Wene beach and other beaches. Whatever the visitors done, all is to enjoy the beach beauty.

Route to Gander

Visitors who have never visited the Ngetun beach, the first thing to do of course find out everything about this beach such as the location and how to get there. Likewise, to visit Gander. The first thing to remember is the impossibility of using public transportation. Therefore, you have to bring a private vehicle or rent. Renting can be a solution especially the vehicle driver is usually familiar with the destination. The first route to Gunungkidul from the Yogyakarta passes through Wonosari. At least it needs about two to three hours, depending on how traffic conditions are. To get to Gander Beach, visitors can ask local people if you have trouble using Google Map or Waze.

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