Iron Craft Shopping at Garotan Tourism Village

The attractiveness of Gunungkidul Regency in terms of tourism cannot be underestimated. Likewise the government is serious about exploring new tourism potentials to be developed. Do not want to stand on its natural form, the government also promotes the socio-economic conditions of its people by forming tourist villages.

About Garotan Tourism Village

Tourism village is a village that has its own peculiarities and its inhabitants still maintain many traditions and local wisdom. Usually this village has a potential to be its own attraction or pilot because of its uniqueness. Many Gunungkidul tourism villages such as Mojo Tourism Village, Wonosadi Tourism Village and Garotan Tourism Village which became a new tourist destination in the field of culture.

Garotan Semin Tourism Village is unique that its inhabitants are mostly livelihoods as iron cast and craftsmen. It offers visitors to be able to feel the atmosphere of the countryside with various activities that can be done as the villagers. And there are traditional arts that can be watched.

In this village the superior products are the results of cast iron crafts done from the usual workmanship to professional with very artistic results. The results of this craft can also be purchased by tourists who visit with prices that vary depending on the level of complexity. For art collectors, this village is worth a visit.

Location of Garotan

Garotan Tourism Village is located in Bendung Village, Gunungkidul Regency. This place is very easy to reach by private or public vehicles. Armed with navigation and maps, the location of the Garotan tourism village can certainly be found. When using public transportation, from Yogyakarta by bus heading to the city bus terminal of Gunungkidul then connect to Semin.

Garotan Tourism Village Uniqueness

Each tourist village has its own uniqueness empowered to attract tourist. In the village of Garotan, visitors can enjoy typical rural life with natural atmosphere, environment, and clean air. Visitors can also participate to work on ordinary activities carried out by local residents such as planting rice, plowing the fields, and seeing cattle farming. A rare thing compared to the dense and very dynamic urban life.

After farmer activities, visitors can enjoy traditional art performances that are still preserved by residents such as karawitan, tayub, and jathilan. The atmosphere is more relaxed when after seeing the show, visitors can enjoy Garotan village special food. The food served were also typical traditional food rarely found at daily modern life such as thiwul and green chili soup.

Another thing that can be done is to see the manufacture of various handicrafts and furniture from cast iron. Visitors can see directly how an object from the iron is made by the hand of the craftsman. They can also try to make their own work if they want to do it. After being satisfied to see the process, of course it is possible to buy and bring home the handicrafts. Or if the desired model is not ready, it can be ordered and then sent.

Village Facility

As a village that is packaged to attract tourist visits, of course the facilities are built so that visitors feel more comfortable in traveling. The complete facilities in the Garotan village include vehicle parking area, prayer room, toilet, rest area, food stalls and lodging.

Visiting destinations that preserve culture needs to be done to add insight. This type of visit is very suitable for family vacation purposes. Rural quiet rooms are soothing and refreshing to the mind from the accumulated burden of routine. Similarly, bringing children is good to increase education of course Garotan Tourism Village can be used as an alternative choice.

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