Let’s Enjoy Delicious and Fresh Grill Fish at Gesing Beach!

When on a beach, the most enjoyable opportunity is of course when visitors can grill fresh fish on the beach. The fish originally fresh from the beach. But unfortunately not all beaches have varying fish. In the meantime, when you decide to do some fishing, it will definitely take time yet it will be worth to try knowing the fishes are guaranteed with freshness. Imagine having the fishes grilled and enjoying it with some friends by the beach. But what if the beach also offers something else, like countless perfect places for photos? Well, that just makes a whole complete package.

Overview of Gesing Beach

Now, we are talking about Gesing Beach. Gesing Beach is part of a hidden beach in Girikarto Village, Gunung Kidul Regency. This beach has a favorite spot especially for selfie fans, namely on the beach cliffs. There are also spot bridges of love. Usually invaded by teenagers with their partners. The bridge is made of wood. Don’t worry because this bridge is not on the water. Visitors could find this bridge on the hills of rocks overgrown with bushes.

Favorite spots for selfies and wefies are indeed on the love bridge Gesing Beach. Some are on the bridge to enjoy the natural scenery and take photos from different angles. The combination of the blue sea, the cliffs that are overgrown with grass, the breeze and the sound of the waves crashing serves perfect atmosphere for vacation. Moreover, the atmosphere of the beach is also quite like being on a private beach.

Many fishes

Besides being able to spend time swimming or playing water and sand, people can also enjoy fish there. The fishes on the Gesing Beach Bantul are known to be big. It is not surprising when meeting local people who are fishing on the beach. Don’t want to bother fishing? Visitors can also buy fresh fish caught by fishermen. They will see many fishing boats in the corner of the beach. The existence of fishing boats by the beach provides an epic view.

With affordable ticket prices visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Until this article is written, ticket price Gesing Beach is IDR 5,000 per visitor. Of course outside the parking ticket. It’s all so affordable with amazing natural panorama. Visitors can enjoy fresh sea fish, fishing by themselves or buy for souvenirs or enjoy it directly. For example holding a grill fish party on the beach? ask the management whether it is allowed or not especially around the beach there are also many food stalls which provide various menus of fish.

Route to the Beach

Looking for Gesing beach location is not as easy as looking for Sadranan Beach or Sundak Beach which are more widely known with lots of directions followed. To find Gesing, From Yogyakarta go through South Ring Road take East Imogiri Road to Selopamioro then Panggang. Meet the T-junction turn left going to large expanse of land on the left side of the road. While on the right there is a large banyan tree.

Next turn right. Just go straight to the market on the hill. There is a T-junction in front of it, just take the right. Meeting the T-junction in the middle there is a large banyan tree while on the left there is an elementary school. Just keep entering the village until you meet the fork in turn left. If confused, please ask the local people.

Shallow Water and Small Waves

Unlike in Somandeng Beach when in Gesing visitors can see that the beach has not too big waves. The water on the beach is also known to be shallower than other beaches. But they still have to be careful. Being on Gesing Beach can give a pleasant experience and forget the daily busy for a moment.

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