The Beauty of Goa Watulawang Beach

The beach always has enchantment to make people stunned. Especially when on fatigue, imagining being on the beach will increase the eagerness to visit it. Not surprisingly, when the holiday season arrives, the number of visitors on the beaches is always increasing. Beaches are always crowded with visitors of all ages and genders. Some just sit around, some swim, some play sand while waiting for the waves to come and so on. Gunungkidul is one of the regencies in the Special Region of Yogyakarta which has beautiful beaches. One of them is Goa Watuwalang Beach.

Get to know Goa Watuwalang Beach

Goa Watulawang Beach has beauty with its natural scenery. Coral rock and white sand are there as well as foam in the blue water. This beach is not too well known compared to the two beaches that flank the Indrayanti Beach which is on the west and Pok Tunggal Beach which is on the east. So if interested in visiting this beach then looking for lodging on Watu Lawang Beach is actually not a difficult thing. Visitors can go in a group to come here by renting vehicle so it will easier and joyful to explore the tourist attractions.

Watuwalang Name History

Maybe some is wondering why it is called the Watulawang Beach of Yogyakarta City. When on this beach, there is the existence of stone caves. Now, in the mouth of the cave there is a stone that looks similar to the door. That is why it was then called the Goa Watuwalang. This cave is used by local residents for traditional ceremonies. Locals call it nyadran. This ceremony is celebrated every month Sya’ban on the Islamic calendar. The door was only opened and entered by people who did the ceremony. That said, the cave is a haven for Prabu Brawijaya VI.

Beach Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the beach is certainly different from the Watu Kodok Beach which has a stone similar to a frog. This beach itself has two parts. The first part is in the west of the cave while the second part is in the east of the cave. The beach on the west is narrower than east which is wider and is often used for water sports. Both in the west and east are white sand and beautiful. In the west it is flanked by two cliffs indented into the sea.

Although not as crowded as Pok Tunggal Beach, this beach along with Ndawud Beach and other quiet beaches can be an alternative place for holidays. The atmosphere and natural scenery offered did not disappoint. The facilities provided are quite adequate. Although it may be different from the facilities on the Kajar Beach, but the buildings on the beach are arranged neatly. For example, the existence of a gazebo for rest, bathrooms, food and drink stalls and parking lots. Of course the existing conditions can still be maximized. Want to find a quiet place supported by existing facilities, obviously this beach can be an option.

Route to Watuwalang Beach

Access to Watu Wene Beach is not much different when visiting Watuwalang. Visitors come from Yogyakarta will take at least two hours to travel. To find the direction, use Google Map which is more accurate from time to time. Actually the route is easy from Yogyakarta directly go to Wonosari. Look for directions to Indrayanti Beach then to Watuwalang. The sensation of finding a place in a manual way is a possibility of getting lost, but this the art of journey to interact with local people. Ask them where to head to the amazing Watuwalang Beach.

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