The Reasons To Visit Grendan Beach Gunungkidul

The right choice to spend the holidays during the Eid holiday, Christmas, New Year, school holidays and so on is to enjoy it with loved ones. For example family, close friends, spouses, friends, and so on. Especially at this time many new beaches are opened to the public. One of them is in Gunungkidul Regency with a row of new beaches. Moreover, Gunungkidul has many tourist attractions. When visiting, at least visitors have to stop at two to three tourist attractions at once including entering Grendan Beach in the list of must visit destinations.

About Grendan Beach

Grendan Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul. This beach includes beaches that are not too many to talk about it. Not because of the beauty of this beach but because this beach is not widely known yet and visited. It tends to be quiet even though the beach is able to spoil the eyes with everything that can be found here. The sound of waves cannot be ignored. Plus the breeze meets the typical beach air. Mountainous view can be enjoyed from a distance, the trees around with leaves looks waving. It coupled with the rocks that received every wave that came. Seawater appears shining with the hot sun. This beach can be an alternative before or after going to Botorubuh beach which is not too far away.

Meet the Residents

The advantages of vacationing on new beaches like Grendan is, meet with local residents. Usually many people are around the beach search for shells, seaweed, fish or sea urchins. It depends on what marine biota potentials. Some are for daily consumption; some are sold. Not many beaches are well preserved by applying local wisdom done by local people. Knowing the low and big wave time is an example of simple things used to recognize natural signs.

Finding a Beach Location

If you have never visited the Ngusalan beach, then of course you don’t know where it is. Likewise with Grendan which name sounds strange to even beach fans. New beaches are seldom to be widely discussed so it is difficult to obtain. Well, to get to the location precisely here is the excitement. The beach location is away from the main road so it takes time to reach. The main road from the city of Jogja to Gunungkidul is smooth but don’t be surprised when heading to the location need to pass through the fields or bushes.

The first thing to get to the location is to rely on Google Map to find out which direction to go and which areas to pass. The advantage of using this map is that the location search is getting more accurate. The disadvantage is unstable internet network. If this happens, just ask the local people when they are around Gunungkidul Regency. To anticipate the difficulty of finding a shop just to drink or buy snacks, visitors should prepare supplies from the start. Supporting equipment to bring are such as fishing rods, mats, hammocks or tents to rest.

Have Fun and Save Environment

The beauty of unspoiled beaches such as Watu Boning Beach and Grendan Beach certainly must be maintained to balance the ecosystem. So, when visiting new beaches, do not only thing about the need for fun. For example deciding camping on the beach, all the food waste that is produced must of course be taken or at least dumped in the trash and not left at the location hoping that someone else will clean it up. The beauty of the beaches in Gunungkidul including Grendan Beach does not need to be doubted. So, preserve its cleanliness.

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