Let’s Have Adventure at Greweng Beach

It is common that there are many beach destinations in Gunungkidul Regency. When the holiday season arrives, it is always crowded with visitors, both coming from inside and outside Yogyakarta. The beach is a favorite destination that can be visited with family or closest friends. Moreover, Gunungkidul provides beaches with a variety of choices. Popular beach and managed according to the tourism industry. There are also beaches that are still quiet, offering comfort and tranquility while on vacation. One of them is Greweng Beach.

Location of Greweng Beach

Greweng Beach is part Gunungkidul Regency. The location is not far from Wediombo Beach. From Yogyakarta it can be reached by motorcycle or car. There will be no public transportation that can take you to the location. Vehicles can only take to the Wediombo Beach area. Afterward, the journey continues on foot. Distance is not far and there is beautiful scenery along the way. Come to beach at afternoon  and you can enjoy the scenery of sunset Groweng Beach which is so charming.

Greweng Beach Interesting Story

Usually a place has interesting stories. So does with mystery of Groweng beach which is so popular at least among the surrounding community. While on the beach there is a cave. The surrounding community called it the Groweng beach cave. But the cave is closed to the public. Around the cave has been given a kind of rope divider. It is said that in the cave used to be used by Soekarno for 7 days and 7 nights. According to the story, anyone who made it into a narrow and craggy cave filled with all his requests could be fulfilled. There are many porcupines and bats in the cave. In addition, there are also stories related to the trees that are on the path to the beach.  There is a kind of raffia rope as a barrier where people are forbidden to pass.

Stories are part of the wisdom of the surrounding population. For modern society it may sound ridiculous and consider it a mere myth. Although you do not believe in all the myths that exist in a place, but there is no harm in respecting it because as visitor, you should respect to the host. After all,you will never know what will happen. It is the same when stopping at Sinden Beach and other places that might have interesting stories that are believed by the local people.

Place for Camping

When on Jungwok Beach it will certainly get an interesting experience. And also in Greweng with its various interesting stories. This will be even more exciting when it becomes the material of the story at the campfire when camping at Groweng Beach. This beach is often used as a place for camping. Moreover, it is easy to find fresh water sources as a source of drinking or bathing. Two sources of spring water, one source of spring is usually used as a source of drinking water while one source of spring is used for bathing.

Fishing Spot

Similarly, on Sedahan beach which is famous as a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, you can also fish on Groweng Beach. It can complete camping activities. It can be said that this beach is the most comfortable place to do camping. Beautiful scenery, fresh water sources that are easy to find because there are two sources of springs and food sources are easy by fishing on this beach. But you should still bring food and drink supplies to complement camping. The atmosphere of the beach is quiet because there are not too many visitors. So, be ready for an adventure at Greweng Beach Gunungkidul.

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