Dare to Have Adventure at Grigak Beach?

When doing challenging activities in remote place or unknown place, people have to be ready to meet all situations and conditions. The main difficulty is of course looking for a location. More over if the road is a dirty rocky road. Visiting during the rainy season will be more challenging. It would be so slippery and ready to be trapped before get to the location. But all tired will pay off when found pleasant surprises. Beaches that are not much visited, quiet like your own.

About Grigak Beach

A pleasant adventure experience is visiting Grigak Beach. A new beach that can be visited in Karang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. First impression of the Grigak Beach Gunung Kidul is the natural beauty which looks so pure and untouchable. With calm and peaceful sound of seductive waves. The wind blow mildly gives more the excitement while there. Moreover, this beach tends to be different from most beaches. The beaches that are usually found are usually full of sand and coral adorn at some point. But not in its beach. The beach gives a charming surprise and offers admiration for the beauty of nature.

So what makes this beach so special? At another beach people can find a stretch of black or white sand, but not with the Grigak Beach Panggang. This beach is dominated by coral rocks which have various shapes. Well, the thing that makes it even more interesting is that between the cracks of the rock there are varieties of marine biota. For example, shellfish, crabs, small fish and so on. It is dominated by shells, it’s a good idea to visit this beach to be more careful while walking around. Enjoying the scenery and then capturing it in the camera lens will complete the journey.

Lack of Basic Facilities

This is the challenge when discovering new beaches. The same challenge in visiting other beaches that are not as well-known as the Dadap Ayam Beach. There are not many supporting facilities. For example bathrooms, food stalls, places of worship and so on. So before making a trip, make sure to make sufficient preparations. Like bringing enough food and drink or mat. At least it can be used to sit or pray for those who want to run it. Praying by the beach, isn’t it a valuable experience?

Keep Cleanliness

A sense of happiness must have arisen when it reached the Dluwok Beach which is not yet widely known. Likewise, in the Semenanjung Biting and Grigak Beach. The satisfaction of succeed to conquer the challenging route and find a piece of paradise is like a self-achievement. But happiness must be accompanied by the desire to keep the beach clean. The lack of supporting facilities does not mean visitors can do anything they want. Visitors precisely must keep the natural beauty of its hidden place by preserve its cleanliness. Put the self-garbage, keep it until found the proper bins.

Access to the beach

As a true adventurer, the most important thing to remember is not to be worry of the wrong way or get lost. To find the location just use the map application that will show the route from Yogyakarta to Girikarto Village. Public vehicles are impossible to deliver visitors except rent them. Bringing a private vehicle or renting is the answer. After being in Girikarto Village, people can ask the community which will give direction to Grigak Beach. Prepare the energy to walk. Usually new beaches are in remote places and far from the main road that can be passed by vehicles. Likewise, the conditions encountered when traveling to Grigak Beach.

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