A Warmth and Friendliness of Indrayanti Beach

At the beach there are often family groups or peers chatting with each other, sharing the joy between them. The beach has become a perfect vacation spot. Give happiness to visitors. Gather family, friends, or old friends who are rarely to meet because of the dense activity. Visiting beach is able to create or restore closeness. The beach is unwittingly often a place to share warmth with the people closest. This is also what to see or experience when people are at Indrayanti Beach, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. 

About Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach is actually not the real name of this beach. The real name is Pulang Syawal. Then where did the name Indrayanti come from? Indrayanti is actually a restaurant and cafe after the name of the owner. Well, this restaurant’s signboard is very clearly displayed, and the visitors actually remember the name more than the real name of the beach so the original name of the beach has eventually become less known. Because of the popularity of this beach, many visitors are trying to find out where the Indrayanti Beach inn is affordable. The beauty of this beach is a no doubt. Have a long coastline with white sand and there are parts of the beach that are dominated by coral with seaweed. Then there is a concave rock shaped like a cave. On the part of the rock is often encountered small fish in it.

Family Favorite Destinations

As with other beaches in Gunungkidul, Indrayanti Beach entrance ticket price is very affordable. It only costs IDR 10,000, – for several beaches namely Baron, Kukup, Sepanjang, Drini, Krakal, Sundak and Pok Tunggal. Indrayanti is one of the favorite beaches for visitors who come together for example family or friends reunion. A calm beach atmosphere, clear water, white sand gives pleasure. Many things can be done such as running around avoiding or chasing waves, sit back and relax on a gazebo or mat while enjoying the fresh young coconut ice. Besides that there are many interesting spots for photography.

Enjoy Seafood Menu

Despite the existence of any the myths of Indrayanti Beach, it does not reduce the number of visitors even more. Moreover, the seafood menus offered both in the stalls and restaurants on the beach always offer delicacy with special tastes. Romantic dinners here are also often the target of visitors in pairs. Dinner with flickering lights added with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze. It can be such a romantic yet exotic dinner by the beach.

Private Involvement

In contrast to the Ndawud Beach and Kajar Beach, especially small beach rows, they often get different treatments. Well, so is the one here. Indrayanti looks so special with its best services is supported by the clean beaches. This is because Indrayanti is also privatized so it is more organized and structured. The results were also seen, where along the coastline it looked so clean and there was almost no garbage. It is good for visitors so they will get more comfortable when enjoying their vacation at beach.

Sunset View

When coming to a beach nearby,Pok Tunggal Beach visitors can watch the sunset but not as beautiful as the sunset views on Indrayanti. This beach is always interesting to enjoy the sunset. The view of the sunset in the ocean really looks special. Even though had seen it many times but still wanted to see it again. While sitting on the beach, the gazebo or just standing can be a very pleasant time to share stories. Find the right spot to get the right angle. Don’t hesitate to invite friends to visit Indrayanti Beach.

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