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Package Study Tour 1
Play Group / Primary School 2D1N


DAY 1: Taman Pintar, Gembira Loka, Kids Fun

DAY 2: Jogja Bay, De Mata, De Arca, D’ Walik

Pilihan Hotel

Hostel/orangNon break fast
Edu Hostel, Wisma Aji, Septian
Hotel Bintang 1Breakfast
Zest, Whiz, Bifa
Hotel Bintang 2Breakfast
Pop, Burza, New Jentra
Hotel Bintang 3Breakfast
Amaris, Sofyan inn. Adhistana
Hotel Bintang 4Breakfast
101 Tara, Crystal lotus
Gallery prawirotaman

Note :

1. The Prices above are for per person.

2. The difference is only on the facility.

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