Activities to Do at Jugala Beach

Every year millions of visitors come to tourist attractions in Gunungkidul. It has no wonder that Gunungkidul has amazing natural tourism potential even though there are many beaches that are still quiet because they are not widely known or because of the difficulty of access to the location. It is not impossible that visitors will increase every year. Along with technological developments that facilitate the process of promoting tourist attractions. Plus, the new beaches have a characteristic that makes people curious to visit it.

About Jugala Beach

When going to Krambil Sawit Village, Gunung Kidul Regency there is one particular beach worth to visit, namely Jugala Beach. One of the most recent beaches is crowded with visitors even though it is not in the holiday season. Although the number of visitors increases but apparently most of them have only heard the name of the Jugala Beach Gunungkidul very recently.

Not surprisingly, there are so many beaches in Gunungkidul. Beaches with waves, sand or coral cliffs soar provide many alternatives for visitors to stop at these beaches. This beach is actually located not far from the Ngedan beach. Some even consider this beach to be a part of the Ngedan beach because the location is adjacent.

Bring Own Supporting Equipment

Jugala Beach is known to havea nice and comfortable atmosphere so when deciding to visit the beach make sure to bring a variety of supporting equipment. For example, mat or mat to sit so you can lie down, sit around reading a book or just enjoy the breeze and see the waves. Do not forget the food and drinks and plastic bags to bring back trash from leftovers or food pack and drinks. As a new beach, not too many public facilities are available.

If visitors are interested in camping like on the Butuh beach it is necessary to find information first. For example about security and licensing to local residents. Camping on the beach is fun. Enjoy the sound of waves during the night like music for relaxation. Not to mention the morning or evening jogging along the beach that would be so healthy. Moreover, the morning air on the beach is fresh. So why not maximize the vacation. Not only for the health of the mind but also for the health of the body. So find out by asking the manager and the surrounding community.

Offers Many Things

At Krisik Beach visitor will certainly got different experience with visiting Sembung Beach as well as in Jugala. Besides natural scenery as its main attractions, interaction with local people is also a priority. Plus, the location is not far from Ngedan Beach and Ngalimun Beach. There were even visitors who considered the three of them to be one beach, Ngeden Beach, although it was different. The beach with its blue water, clear water, calm atmosphere, coral rock, etc. provides a pleasant holiday experience. Coupled with the surrounding scenery that offers epic views when combined with beaches, rocks and cliffs.

Go to Jugala Beach

The many beaches in Gunungkidul provide many choices to visit, one of them is Butun Doyong Beach. Meanwhile, to go to Jugala people may use application such as Google Map. The places that the map application shows are getting more accurate. Still confused? Better to ask the local people. Visitors can use a motorcycle or car. If renting a car, make sure the vehicle has good performance because the location is a bit rough; it could go through the village in the middle of the forest. The struggle to go to Jugala Beach is so worth the view when arriving at the location.

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