Activities to Do at Jungwok Beach Gunungkidul

Beaches in Indonesia always have unbeatable beauty. Every beach cannot be compared to each other because it is different and has its own characteristics. But all beaches always have the ability to provide comfort and happiness for their visitors. The sound of the waves as if it is calling to continue to visit it. The waves that come in turns, bring longing to play in the water. Among the many regions in Indonesia that offer beautiful beaches, one of which is Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region with a row of beaches to steal the attentions.

About Jungwok Beach

Have you ever heard of Jungwok Beach? It can be found in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This is beach which is still relatively new. Its existence has not long been opened to the public. Even so, the tourism industry has not been managed. So the beach is still natural and visitors are not too many. Although it is still new and not widely known yet, the beauty of Jungwok Beach is not in doubt. Just like the beaches in Gunungkidul whose beauty does not disappoint. The roar of the waves that welcome from a distance will encourage you to speed up your steps to arrive to the destination immediately. The shimmering light of the sea water exposed to the sun makes the lips smile.

This white sand beach has a curved coastline. The location is quite spacious so it is possible to do camping on Jungwok Beach. It can even be the most comfortable place with a fairly wide and quiet location. Moreover, visitors can get a beautiful panorama bonus with the existence of Manjung Hill next to this beach. This scene is certainly different to Krokoh beach or other beaches. Another uniqueness of this beach compared to other beaches is the more concave beach contours. Witness this beauty by climbing the hill on the right of the beach. The beach atmosphere is quiet with beautiful scenery.

Playing on the Beach

The location which is not far from Wediombo Beach makes the ticket is one pass with the beach. Moreover, the entrance ticket to jungwok beach is quite affordable. With only IDR 5,000, visitors can get a pleasant tourist experience. This beach has quite heavy waves. So should always pay attention to how the natural conditions are. The beach is mostly sandy  so it is possible to play ball or beach volleyball or just sit back by the beach while chatting with friends.

Relax in Hammock

The uniqueness of the Mbrumbun Beach is certainly different with Jungwok. Besides often being used as a camping place, this beach is also visited by many to relax on a hammock. This is due to the presence of thrive pandanus plants. Lie down while enjoying the sound of the waves and watching the waves dance. For those who really have a hobby of reading, reading books on hammocks on the beach is certainly a pleasant experience. Coupled with the breeze, it might actually make fall asleep instead.

Trekking and Fishing

For adventure fans, visitors can also try trekking in Jungwok. For example, down the left hill. There will meet other quiet beaches such as Greweng Beach, Sedahan Beach and Dadapan. Or trek to the right where the location of Bukit Manjung is located. When at the top of a hill, you can enjoy the scenery at an altitude. Well, for fishing fans, they can fish here. There are several spots that are popular with anglers have the opportunity to meet them. These are such a complete package. Visitors can do camping, trekking, fishing or just enjoying the natural scenery on Jungwok Beach Gunungkidul.

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