The Hidden Kajar Beach

Fatigue due to too much work in the midst of density, noise of vehicles, and bad weather has been lately affecting the quality of everyday life. For example, loss of concentration at work, reduced inspiration to finish work activities or damage harmony in everyday life. Finally, a vacation to a place far from home is a choice. One of them is visiting the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta which location is far from the city center. One recommended option for seclusion or seeking tranquility.

Get to know Kajar Beach

There are dozens of beaches that can be visited in Gunungkidul, one of which is Kajar Beach. The beach may be presenting panoramas and atmosphere according to imagination. Beach has blue sea water, sand stretch, roar of waves, towering rocks, and so on. This stretch of sand on of Kajar Beach Gunungkidul is not too wide, but people can see the rocks on the beach side in varying sizes.

Not many people realize that its beauty makes this beach look quiet even though this place is most comfortable to just sit while enjoying the sea air for a moment with close friends and family. Or maybe for adventurous travel enthusiasts since this beach location is between Pok Tunggal Beach and Seruni. They can walk down the three beaches at once.

Transportation to Go

To get to the Gunungkidul new beach, it is recommended to bring own vehicle or rent it, it can be a motorbike or a car. There is no availability of public transport because it is limited and only passes the main road. Generally, the beaches in Gunungkidul, especially the quiet beaches, are located far from the main road. Bringing own vehicle is also more flexible when you explore multiple locations at once moreover the beaches are located nearby.


Being on the Trenggole Beach or other hidden beaches is sometimes equal to difficulty in finding adequate public facilities. Therefore, every time you decide to explore new beaches, there are various preparations to do. Starting from the preparation of sufficient supplies of food and beverages. There may not be many food or drink stalls encountered. Don’t forget to bring the trash carried. Not every place is provided with a trash bin so that you don’t leave it or throw litter.

Sembung beach has not providing tourist lodging around the beach. But it’s likely to do camping on the beach. This is one of the advantages of quiet or hidden beaches, being the right place for camping. Aside from being quiet, it is also far from the local residency so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the surrounding residents. It is better to ask permission before deciding to camp on beach. Find out whether it is permissible or not, the do’s and don’ts things, and additional charge if any. This step needs to be done so that the vacation is more comfortable.

Route to Kajar

To find a Krisik Beach is not difficult especially with current technological developments. The presence of online maps like Google maps is very helpful. Moreover, the designation of the place is getting more accurate. The disadvantage is when the internet signal is unstable or battery runs out. If this happens, of course asking the locals is the best solution. Moreover, they are usually happy to answer. If renting a car as well as a driver, it’s easier, because usually the drivers already understand the terrain. There is nothing wrong before deciding to rent while finding out how much information is known from the car rental place including whether they know the route to Kajar Beach Gunungkidul.

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