The Reasons Why Have to Come to Kapen Beach

Everyone always has a routine every day. Some are working, some are going to school, or some are always getting trapped on traffic jam almost every day. Tiring routines not only affect the body but also the mind. This is why people often say they need a vacation, a short break from daily activities and so on. Well, one of the favorite places for vacation is the beach which provides a complete package on vacation. It starts from the adventure of finding a beach location, enjoying the natural scenery or enjoying a special dish on the beach. Kapen Beach Gunungkidul can be one of the destinations to spend vacation time.

About Kapen Beach

Kapen Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. This beach is not too far from Watu Kodok Beach. Geographically this beach location is between Drini Beach and Sepanjang Beach. As one of the rows of quiet beaches at Gunungkidul are formerly opened and managed by the local community since the Baron beach became popular. The road to the beach began to be repaired by residents, making it easier to pass. This beach has its own characteristics compared to other beaches. The marine life is very diverse. Starting from fish, seaweed, shellfish, sea urchins and even lobsters. So, don’t be surprised when getting on the beach, there are many visitors or local people fishing.

Maximize Holiday Time

Holidays on quiet beaches such as Belang Beach or Kapen will bring the benefits of a vacation. Even since starting from finding a beach location. As known the quiet beaches in Gunungkidul are visited by less people because there are not many known locations and far from the main road. There is sometimes no internet signal. As a result, the current generation used the internet to search destination by using Google Map, will find difficulty. But this actually provides a new experience and challenge on how to find its location.

This is the moment to interact with local people in finding the way to tourist object such as find the route to Belang Beach Jogja. Sometimes the maps go offline because there is no signal, so ask the local is the best way to do. Each difficulty encountered during the trip will pay off when it arrives at the beach. The sound of the waves is soothing, blue sea water plus the surrounding natural scenery spoil the eyes. Fresh air to breathe and smooth sand to play can be the most appropriate location to escape from tired work for a while.

Citizen Activities

Most of the activities of Gunungkidul residents are farmers. However, the people who live on the coast, including on the Trenggole Beach and Kapen beaches, also have additional activities around it. The activities are fishing and looking for sea grass or sea urchins. Not all of their search results are then sold. Some are looking only for daily consumption. Other community activity is open food stalls that visitors can use to stop to have food or drinks while enjoying sea breeze. 

Maintaining Environmental Sustainability

Although it has not been managed professionally by the tourism industry, the existence of Watulawang Cave Beach and other beaches is only being taken care by local residents who use it as an additional source of economy. But the community members still pay attention to the environment which is proven by the existence of a trash can or the absence of permanent buildings on the beach. When looking for fish, lobster, seaweed, shellfish or sea urchin, they take as they need to balance the ecosystem. The visitors must feel this beauty by themselves at Kapen Beach Gunungkidul.

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