Fun Adventure to Find Karangtek Beach

Every time exploring looking for new beaches always mark an interesting experience. Most of the time, getting lost or having misguided experience could be the challenges on the way because of the difficulty of the terrain. Or the experience of stopping in the middle of the road on the left and right of the forest road to find locations. Some people may regret it and will not repeat it. But for some people it is a challenge and does not make them to stop looking for new beaches even though the location is remote.

Overview of Karangtek Beach

To find Karangtek Beach, visitors have to travel to Girikarto Village Gunung Kidul Regency. A long journey taken from Yogyakarta city. It’s easier to use a motorcycle which is flexible on village roads that are relatively not too wide. In addition, it is easier to get through the slopes and bumpy roads. If using a car, it must make sure that the used car is ready in all terrain. Moreover, Karangtek, like the quiet beach in Gunungkidul, is located far from the main road.

Not Many Tourist Come

What’s interesting about a beach that hasn’t been many visitors? Ease and freedom to explore it. For photography enthusiasts, it is also easier to take photos from various angles. Even there are many beaches in Jogja but still everyone has a tendency to like certain beaches. For example, there are those who like the type of beach with white sand, some prefer the big wavy beaches, some prefer the beach with many types of fish and so on. Well, when finding a new beach it will be easier to know what potential the beach has. One of them when visiting the Krakal beach repeatedly, of course people will know the uniqueness of the beach.

Moreover visitors have the opportunity to interact more with local including finding out about the ticket price of Karangtek beach. As a new beach, tickets are usually managed by the local government with affordable ticket prices. Visitors can also find out how everyday people live with the beaches around them. Does it make the beach as a source of livelihood, are there certain traditions that are routinely carried out and so on.

Untouched by the Tourism Industry

The fact is having beautiful panoramas does not necessarily make Sangaran beach and other beaches immediately glimpsed by the tourism industry. This is because the location is far and the road is not too easy. But it does not mean the opportunity to attract the attention of the tourism industry is limited.

At digital era everything can be touched by the internet possibly to happen. Karangtek Beach itself has a beauty such as the blue sea water, the wave crash plus the friendliness of local residents make it easier for visitors to interact kindly. Even the togetherness of the residents made the quiet beach rows in Gunungkidul more colorful.

Many Awaiting Surprise

When looking for Slili Beach and Karangtek beaches usually many surprises are awaiting. Visitors should prepare themselves not to fall asleep on the way. The lush green left and right of the road gives a sensation of happiness and the feeling of getting excited to get to the destination. They will meet the sharp inclines and derivatives but offer captivating views.

Likewise, when on the beach in Gunungkidul most people initially want to find only one or two beach but the reality is completely different. Apparently, there are more beaches ready to be explored.This is clearly what happens while on the road journey to find Karangtek Beach because this beach is in an area with many beaches around it.

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