The Beauty Panorama at Kayu Ayun Beach

Too often burdened with various pressure problems, such as work deadline or other things can make people feel distress. Refreshing, picnics or tours can be a way out. Just divert mind for a moment to feel recharge and fresh again. Well, beach is the most preferred place to just get rid of fatigue instantly. The combination of natural scenery, waves, playing with sand and sea water gives happiness. Kayu Ayun Beach Gunungkidul can be an alternative beach to be visited.

About Kayu Ayun Beach

In Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency you can visit Kayu Ayun Beach. This beach has a privilege with its beautiful panorama. This beach is not yet widely known among the public. So don’t be surprised if only a few people have heard its name. This beach has a soft stretch of white sand but this beach has big enough waves coupled with strong winds. But at low tide there are many small fish swimming. The magnitude of the waves that hit the rock is often shocking. Among the lines of quiet beach Wonosari Kayu Ayun is one of the beaches known for its big waves.

Head to Kayu Ayun Beach

The route to Kayu Ayun beach can be found by using Google Maps. You can also follow the instructions from Yogyakarta and choose the road to Wonosari. Arrived at the T-junction take the right to the Playen Sub-district which is known as the Sri Getuk Tourism Village. Straight up to reach Saptosari District to meet the T-junction before Baron Beach. Take the right and continue straight up to Parangracuk Beach. Just look for the Baron Techno Park Building which is a place for Wave Power Plants (PLTG) and Solar Power Plants (PLTS). Park the vehicle here.

Well, this is where the challenge begins when going to Peyuyon Beach where visitors have to walk first. Likewise, what happens is similar when going to Kayu Ayun. The beach itself is located at least 4 km away from Baron Techno Park. You can’t drive a vehicle to get to the beach. You should pass the path and rocky road for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes to reach the beach. So, don’t forget to bring own supplies. At least bring drinking water.

Camping for Bravery

It is not surprising that people camping on the beach including on the Tanjung Menyer Beach. Camping on the beach actually tests the ability of people who do it. The ability to survive far from settlements. This beach is far from residential areas. So camping in this area can be a test of how good are you on survival. Especially given the fact that the beach is always filled by the sound of the waves. Upon arrival, it is better to ask the local first whether permitted to camp or not including finding out about the myths, beliefs and customs of local residents. It must be very interesting to spend the night at open air area while staring at the night sky and relaxing sound waves. That’s what being close to nature feels like.

Enjoy the Exotic View of Arum Wood on the Hill

The beach of Kayu Arum is a proof that there is one more quiet beautiful beach beside Sadeng Beach on the coastline of Gunungkidul. The scenery is very exotic especially when enjoying the view of the beach from the top of the hill. The hill is on the east coast. To get to the hill, extra energy is definitely required to get to the location. Now, more and more visitors choose to camp on this hill because of its pleasant atmosphere. When camping is permitted don’t forget to keep beach clean, throw garbage in its place or bring back the waste produced while in Kayu Arum Beach.

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