These Are the Reasons Why You Must Visit Kepek Beach

The beauty of the beaches in Gunungkidul is inevitable. Its ranges from beach with white sand, beaches with coral cliffs, beaches with a variety of flora and fauna around it, beaches with clear shiny water to the beach with the culture of the surrounding community. Each beach has an attraction that makes people want to visit it. Especially by now, holidays have become a necessity. The need for fulfillment of mind refreshes and for the sake of mere prestige has risen.

Location of Kepek Beach

Kepek Beach is located in Girikarto Village, Yogyakarta. Not far from the quiet beach in Gunungkidul, especially the beaches in its village such as Gesing Beach, Kesirat Beach, Celengtibo Beach, Ngreslangu Beach, Wohkudu Beach, Nungguran Beach and others.

Although the location is close it does not mean that the beaches are not unique. Instead, these beaches have their own characteristics that are able to complement each. This means that when visit one beach visitors can compare one to another. Because the location is close together it is easier to visit it. Visitors can do beach hopping started from the closest location to far away beach but still in one village area.

As an Alternative Tourism Destination

Talking about the beach in Jogja, of course it cannot be separated from the beaches in Gunungkidul. Although in other districts in Yogyakarta province there are other beautiful beaches. For example Parangtritis Beach, Parangkusumo Beach, Depok Beach, Samas Beach, Kuwaru Beach and so on in Bantul Regency. Or Glagah Beach, Trisik Beach, and Congot Beach in Kulon Progo. But still the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency steal most of the attention. Every beach that has always has interesting things that other beaches don’t have. That is why for beach travel enthusiasts they will find out the existence of a new beach, they are sure they want to visit it.

Like at the beginning of the existence of the Drini beach which at that time was not as famous as now. At that time more visitors were more interested in Kukup or Indrayanti beaches in Gunungkidul. But now who doesn’t know its beauty. At that time the beaches seemed to be too crowded for visitors so that the existence of the new beach became new alternative to get a quieter spot on vacation.

Quiet beaches like Kepek beach present as alternative tourist attractions. This place is increasingly in demand because visitors are not too crowded. The most deserted beach visitors are fishing activities.

Closer to Local Activities

When talking about the Watu Bolong Beach, Kepek Beach and other new beaches it might be dominated by the beauty of the beach which is clearly acknowledged by many people. But what about the interaction with local people? The existence of a new beach means the location is not too much known. Even street signs have not been found. Then how to find the location? Of course by interacting with local residents. Can ask where the location is. Then because there are not many public facilities, maybe they provide house or just wash your feet or worship.

Enjoy Each Side of the Beach

The nice thing on Belang beach or new beaches is to be able to enjoy each side. Why? Because it’s still new so it is very interesting to find out about what can be explored from every side of the beach. Knowing some beaches don’t have complete supporting facilities yet, it is necessary to prepare or plan what can be done especially on some beaches sometimes not too wide. So it’s easier to explore it. Includes exploring the scenery around the beach. That’s what happened when visiting Kepek Beach for the first time.

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