The Beauty of Rocky Cliff at Kesirat Beach

The beach offers black or white sand naturally. It can be found in various regions in Indonesia. Now, not only black or white sandy beaches to know but also there is the beach with lines of rock. When visiting the beach, it will not find a stretch of white or black sand. But the cliffs limit to the deep seas. Some of these beaches can be found in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province.

An Overview of Kesirat Beach

Initially not many knew the existence of Kesirat Beach. But the dense fishing on the Kesirat beach, makes it increasingly known. The popularity spreads though social media talked about its natural charm makes many people pay attention. Here, people will hear the waves coming and going with the sound of the pounding that hits the rock that dominates this beach. The cliff soars with the rock, welcoming every wave that comes over. The cliffs are directly adjacent to the high seas. Cliffs soar with overgrown green grass and moss. Providing a different experience in enjoying sea views.

Epic Scenery

This beach cliff comes with an epic view. Not only because of the deep seas but also some of the other interesting things. One of the factors that made people curious to visit this beach was the presence of a unique tree on the edge of the sea cliffs of Kesirat. The only tree that grows on the edge of the cliff and immediately steals the attention. The tree has long been on the cliff. The existence of these trees provides epic views especially at sunset. Especially during the dry season. During the dry season the tree tends to has no leaves but twigs.

Favorite Camping and Fishing Spot

Besides having an amazing view, its hidden beach also known as a favorite camping place. Many decided to do camping in Kesirat Beach by setting up a tent not far from the eternal tree. The atmosphere is quiet at night and far from residential areas makes this beach very comfortable as a camping place. Want to make a bonfire, enjoy the sound of waves, the stars in the sky are very possible to do.

Many visitors who want to spend the night and come for fishing at this location. Before it was widely known by the public and opened as a tourist spot, this place was more famous among anglers. Moreover, this beach is rich with many fishes, both small and large fish. This beach is known as one of the beaches with the best rock fishing spots. There is a small cottage on this beach. A place where anglers meet and share stories about other beaches such as Widodaren beach

Thick with Local Wisdom

When visit to a new place it’s better to open mind with various knowledge especially about local culture or customs. Then it is necessary to respect every cultural custom that exists. Every place can have a different culture. For example, when visiting Peyuyon Beach, the people around the coast may have a different habit from the community on Kayu Ayun Beach. Likewise, when in this Kesirat.

The community still holds tradition. One of them is the annual tradition for blessing that is done once a year. When the tradition is carried out, the beach is sacred. This tradition is a tradition of local people to maintain the balance of nature by not cutting trees carelessly. Cutting down trees is only done when the rice season turns yellow. Well, before visiting Kesirat Beach or other new places find out about local customs and the prohibitions that exist.

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