Being Hits and Happening at Klampok Beach

It is common thing that Gunung Kidul has beautiful beaches. The existence of social media increasingly makes these beaches invaded during weekends or holiday seasons. Indeed, because they want to enjoy vacation and relaxation, some are just fulfilling the exciting moment. To be update, so they can upload instastory and so on. The busier being talked about on social media makes people more curious. Especially if the place was originally less quitter but later became hits due to its uniqueness. Likewise, with beach resorts.

Get to know Klampok Beach

Klampok Beach is not as popular as Drini Beach, Indrayanti and so on. But this beach has no less beauty. Even more interesting with the natural or quiet beaches. This beach is located in Girijati Village, Gunung Kidul. This beach is still relatively quiet, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere freely. There are many spots like private. Swim or just go there chasing the endless waves. This kind of atmosphere is one of the attractions of Klampok Beach Gunungkidul. Being able to reach or have visited this beach has become a kind of pride. Planning to spend a weekend on this beach? Obviously won’t regret. The waves, the wind blows, the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky blends with the clouds.

Go to Klampok Beach

Beautiful beaches that are not crowded with visitors can always attract visitors especially for people who like challenges for being trend setter. Even though to achieve it they must go through the Klampok beach route which is not easy. Easy steps can certainly use the map application that is now more precise in determining the destination location. At least people should find out Girijati Village. If having trouble finding the beach, just ask the locals.

Interesting Activities to Do at Klampok Beach

When visiting the Gesing beach or other beaches things to do, of course, swimming or chasing the waves. Or just sit around watching the wave crash, enjoying the breeze while picking up rocks. Well, everyone certainly has a different favorite. Then what can be done while in Klampok Beach?

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach. It might be different from the Butuh beach, where the Klampok beach has a lot of cliffs lined up. Besides that, coral reefs look more attractive hit by waves. Not to mention the sand and sea animals that also scatter. It guaranteed visitors will not feel bored spending time on this beach. Can be tried to come in the afternoon and enjoy dusk before sunset. The atmosphere of dusk and sunset on the beach always gives its own happiness.

Then visitors can also camp on this beach. Especially during the full moon because in the full moon usually the wave decreases. Even at night, the scenery beautified by the moon and stars. On the next day people can do the jogging or just walking around the beach. Moreover, morning air on the beach is believed to be good for respiratory health.

Well Prepared before Coming to Beach

Visiting new beaches such as Njanganan beach and others always requires well preparation. For example by inviting friends or close friends so that the atmosphere is more festive. Then decide to rent a car or just use a motorbike. If it has been decided, prepare adequate supplies. Like drinking water, food, clothes and cameras and batteries. The place that is far enough is likely to take time to find it. In addition, it is not known whether there are many food stalls. Cameras are needed to capture every moment of course. After all, ready to visit Klampok Beach in Gunung Kidul?

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