Fun Trekking to Kosakora Hill

The Gunungkidul government continues to develop the tourism potential in its area. The most touristic choices are the beaches. However, there are also many destinations besides the beach such as caves or hills. There are many happening hill among young people. One of them is Kosakora Hill. For trekking and adventure lovers, this hill is worth a try.

Get to know Kosakora Hill

Kosakora Hill or also called Puncak Kosakora is one of the natural attractions in the form of eco-karst hills which have been formed from hundreds of years into a series of Sewu Mountains in Gunungkidul. This hill became popular after there were visitors who accidentally came to the location and then gave it the name Kosakora. To achieve this, visitors must climb or trekking approximately 2km at an altitude of 50m above sea level. Seeing the distance and height is certainly a type of light trekking that can be done casually.

Arriving at the top, the location is easy to find with a sign in the form of a flag. The energy that has been spent on trekking is paid off with the beauty of the panorama presented. From the top of the hill are the ranks of the Kosakora Ngrumput Beach, Drini Beach, Watu Kodok Beach, Sepanjang Beach, Kukup Beach to the Baron Beach Lighthouse.

On the wooden board written Puncak Kosakora, visitors are busy taking pictures as a sign that they have conquered this hits hill. When visiting during the day it is advisable to wait until the afternoon to see the sunset of Kosakora, seeing the sunset at the end of the ocean boundary from the top of the hill is definitely a spectacular sight.

Kosakora Hill Location

Kosakora Hill is located in the village of Banjarejo, Gunungkidul. The hill rises above the beach of Ngrumput and the beach of Drini. The Kosakora Hill route frim Yogyakarta takes approximately 2 hours to the nearest point then walks to reach north side Drini Beach. Hiking trails from Drini beach are longer, but as once go, it will pass Watu Bolong beach and Ngrumput Beach at once. For the northern route, visitors can pass the coastal path.

The beauty of Kosakora Hill

Tourists must always be curious about new things that are becoming a trend. This hill is one of them. By visiting one location, they can simultaneously see many tourist spots such as Ngrumput beach, Drini Beach and Krakal Beach from a height.

The advantage of this hill is that the trekking track is not high so it is easy to do for beginners and all ages. The path to the top of the hill offers beautiful natural scenery, so a 2km trip doesn’t feel tiring.

Arriving at the top of the hill there is no doubt the beauty of the stretch of coastline and the ocean stretches and enjoys the view until the sun sets. For adventurous, a flat and wide peak area can be used to set up a tent for camping at Kosakora Hillbut the capacity is limited.

Kosakora Hill Facility

In addition to the beauty, the Kosakora Hill area is very clean. The location of the hill and beach is clean, making visitors comfortable. The location of the camping ground is very clean.

The facilities on the Kosakora Hill are sufficient. There are already toilets, prayer rooms, and food stalls. Moreover there are locals who provide tent rental services for camping. The location is easy to reach even with public transportation available that reaches the area.

After visiting Kosakora try other types of tours such as Siung Beach and Bobung Tourism Village which is still in Gunungkidul area.

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