The Reasons Why Must Visit Krakal Beach

Talking about Gunungkidul, it cannot be separated from the existence of its beaches. A line of beaches that seemed endless because new beaches are often found with the beauty offered. So don’t be surprised when new beaches appear even though you think you have visited all the beaches in Gunungkidul. Some the new beaches are in a location far from the main road making it difficult to reach. But there are still many beaches in Gunungkidul that are easily found. One of them is Krakal Beach. Have you visited it?

About Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach located in Ngestiharjo Village, Gunungkidul Regency. It has long been known to have beautiful views with attractive spots. This beach is known as one of the favorite surfing spots for foreign tourists. The waves are very well known and waiting for surfers, namely reef break. The waves are considered challenging because it is quite large. Of course it is for professional surfers while for beginners it is definitely not recommended.

In addition, the surfers also need to be careful because the beach is full of rocks. For surfing you have to bring a surf equipment owned. Especially with the price of the entrance ticket Krakal beach which is quite affordable cost at IDR 10,000, – at the same time you can visit other beaches namely Sundak Beach, Kukup and Baron.

The Story Behind Krakal Beach

Behind the beauty of the beach, there is a story that is believed to be the history of Krakal Beach. Where this beach was once a reef on the seabed. Then there is the natural process of lifting the earth’s crust to the surface so it becomes land and forms a beach. These rocks are believed to have been inhabited by fish while on the seabed. From its large number of scattered coral rocks then the beach is called Krakal. On this beach, people will see two towering black rocks that appear. This rock is known as the border with the beach beside it. Both of these rocks are overgrown with sea plants fertile on the surface.

The rock can be climbed because available a kind of path to go up. But make sure to wear footwear when climbing. This is because the plants on this rock have sharp thorns so they can hurt if careless. Make sure to be careful while climbing but after reaching the top the view from above is beautiful. You can also see a small beach next to it and visit along the cliff.  The view mesmerizes many visitors who find out about the Krakal Beach lodging.

Rich of Fish Varieties

Beaches always have own beauty as well as on the Watu Bolong Beach with a hollow rock or Slili Beach with all its beauty. Another interesting thing about the beach is the fact it is rich in fish. Various types of marine fish can be found. Well, Krakal includes the beach with the types of fish. One type that is preferred is umbal. This type of fish usually sticks to the rock. It’s usually used as raw material for making crackers. Do not hesitate to try the seafood menu offered at stalls around the beach.

Other Marine Bioata

Besides umbal and other marine fish, this beach is also rich with other marine biota. For example, ornamental fish that adorn the beach. The fish swim between rocks and moss as if they were in a giant aquarium. Visitors certainly do not miss this scene especially if they have previously visited the Sepanjang Beach with all the view given. Krakal Beach will not disappoint visitors including you who want to get comfort during the holidays.

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