The Best Things To Do at Krisik Beach Gunungkidul

Have you ever felt bored while on the beach? Nature tourism like on the beach will never be boring. Why? Since there are lots of fun things to do. For fans of water sports can swim or just running from the approaching waves. On certain beaches with bigger waves can be used for surfing. While on the beach with small waves are often used for diving. There are also those who just sit or walk. One place with many choices of beaches that can be visited is Gunungkidul Regency.

Get to know the Krisik Beach

Krisik Beach is not very popular compared to Pulang Syawal Beach, Sadranan Beach, Krakal Beach and so on. But recently the new beach at Gunungkidul has more and more to make people curious to visit it. This is because of its quiet ambience. There are some types of tourists who just like the quiet beaches of visitors. The flexibility gained when exploring the coast is one reason. In addition, when visiting the beach which is still not popular, it is a kind of pride and can be used as a show on social media. Especially when the beach has a beauty that is able to attract attention. Well, Krisik is a beach with amazing beauty. The stretch of sand, the size of the beach that is not too wide and the atmosphere is calm and comfortable.

Play Water and Camping

When on the Krisik beach Jogja, there are many activities to do. Swim, play water or just take a walk to see the sights. The weather, wind and of course the waves are things to enjoy too. While swimming or playing water, you should pay attention surrounding conditions. Especially for alone visitors, if there is lack of a supervisory or security team, you must be more aware. Ask the local about many things usually the local community has its own wisdom and it needs to be respected.

Another thing that can be an alternative activity to do at Krisik, Mbeling Beach or other quiet beaches is camping. Especially if the holiday is done with friends, the camping is actually getting more fun. Sometimes it can at the same time get to know each other’s personalities. Camping or staying in the outdoors is certainly different when sleeping at the inn. Visitors can do fishing or grilling fish while on camping. So, there is necessary in bringing fishing and camping equipment.

Enjoy the Sunset

One of happiness while on the beach is, watching the sunset. Although it seems modest, the beauty of the sunset on the beach is always able to give a deep impression. Moreover, weather and cloud will also affect how the scenery is displayed. It is very possible the current sunset view is different with the other occasion when back here. Besides that, the view of the sunset when in Krisik could be different from the sunset view on the Ngetun beach so it will so pleasant to enjoy every second and capture it in a photo or video.

Search for Locations and Bring Travel Supplies

At least it needs about two hours to get to Gunungkidul Regency if departing from the direction of Yogyakarta City. But the trip could be longer when looking for beach locations Dadap Ayam Beach, Krisik and other unknown beaches. These beaches are often hidden. To achieve this,you have to pass the road first with bushes, rocky, up and down and so on. Although not always so. But it’s good to use comfortable footwear while bringing food and drinks that can be enjoyed during the trip when exploring the Krisik Beach Gunungkidul.

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