The Reasons to Visit Krokoh Beach

Do you have hobby to play on the beach? If yes, then visiting Gunungkidul is the answer. It is a regency located on the coast of the South Sea has a hundred more beaches. To come to all these beaches you can certainly take a short time, but if you have a leave long it is possible to explore all the beaches in Gunungkidul. What about those who only have limited holidays? No need to worry about that because you can visit some of these beaches on weekend holidays.

Get to know Krokoh Beach

Have you ever heard of Mengetan Beach, Bungusan Beach, Gander Beach, Krokoh Beach Gunungkidul? Some of the names of these beaches do not sound familiar to tourists. The existence of Gunungkidul Krokoh Beach has indeed recently been opened to the public. This beach is located in the eastern part of Gunungkidul region bordering Wonogiri. Initially this beach was only used as land to find fish or lobster by the surrounding population.

Krokoh Beach Location

The location of Krokoh Beach is in Songbanyu village, Girisubo District, Gunungkidul Regency. The distance from downtown Yogyakarta is approximately 100km and can be reached in about 2.5 hours. The route that can be passed to Krokoh Beach is from the center of Yogyakarata to the main road towards Wonosari – Piyungan – Patuk – Sambipitu – Gading – Wonosari – Semanu – Cuwelo – Giripanggung – Balong – Girisubo – Sadeng – Krokoh beach.

The route taken from Yogyakarta to Sadeng is smooth, but once enters the area to the beach, the terrain is still bad. Travel is recommended by private vehicles, because there are no public transports reaching the coast except by renting a vehicle from Wonosari.

Advantages of Krokoh Beach

To get to Krokoh Beach, the journey from the direction of the city feels far and long with the left and right sights only rice fields or fields that feels hot and barren. But once you get to the beach all the fatigue is paid off when you witness the charm of the beauty of quiet beach at Gunungkidul. Not many tourists come to this place so it feels like a private beach.

The attraction of Krokoh Beach is the beauty of the beach with fine and clean grains of sand. The beach is not too wide with high hills and cliffs on the left, jutting out towards the sea. The sloping beach surfaces with overgrown coral reefs by brown seaweed, it is clear when sea water is receding.

Visitors can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while feeling the breeze by playing water in the sea or just sitting on the beach playing sand. The cliff on the left and right of the beach is so high cannot be climbed to see the beach from the top of the hill. There is also cave for the bats to live.

If visitors come in the afternoon, they will meet some fishermen who come to look for lobster and octopus. Rocky beach characteristics are very good for lobster habitat.

Krokoh Beach Facility

Completeness of facilities is very important to support the comfort of tourists while in a tourist attraction. It is very necessary such as toilets for example, it is very important to facilitate tourists to clean themselves after playing on the beach.

At Krokoh Beach there are inadequate facilities. Parking area is still limited, toilets, and not many foodstalls. Visitors are advised to bring enough supplies.

Gunungkidul beaches have big wave, while playing around it, always be aware of safety. Don’t forget to not throw garbage on the beach. After all, the beauty of its quiet beach cannot be missed.

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