The Beauty of Coral at Kukup Beach

What’s interesting about visiting a beach? Why doesn’t anyone ever feel reluctant to visit it? Even though the location is close each other, it’s still exciting to visit more than one beach especially in Gunungkidul area. Gunungkidul is famous for its beaches. The location is close to each other. There are various admission tickets but often one ticket can be used for several beaches at once. That’s the unique thing about a beach, one and another always having unique or interesting things. One of them is Kukup Beach.

About Kukup Beach

Kukup Beach is in Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The road is relatively smooth and is available either for two- or four-wheeled vehicles. It needs about three hours to get to the location from Yogyakarta. This beach is on one line with popular beaches in Gunungkidul such as Baron Beach, Sepanjang, Drini, Sundak and others. The beach is popular so it is quite crowded. There are many interesting things available on this beach. One of these beaches has a large expanse of white sand which is increasingly in contrast to the blue sea water. Besides this beach is surrounded by hills around it, adding to the beautiful scenery.

Called As Jogja Tanah Lot

Have you ever visited Tanah Lot Beach in Bali? A beautiful beach and there are temples in the rocks? Kukup beach is often said to be the Jogja Tanah Lot, it could be because there is a coral island in the eastern part of the beach where the coral island is associated with bridge. On the coral island, of course, there is some building similar to a temple but with a viewing post for the visitors to have a rest. But don’t expect it to be so much alike in Tanah Lot, because it has its own uniqueness. The similar view can actually be found in other beach known as the Watu Kodok beach with large rock.

When you want to go to the coral island or some call it Jumino Island, you have to take the stairs and climb the hill. Then cross over the bridge where a big wave crashing down below. It drives the adrenaline a little bit. When arriving at this viewing post, you can see the high waves of sea water that meet the rocks. But if you are not planning to go to this spot, you can enjoy the natural scenery or play water. After all, capturing moments can be done anywhere.

Shallow Area

For those who do not like the high waves, there is a shallow area that is quite calm on this beach. It is located about 100 meters from the beach. This shallow area is bordered by coral reef at the end of the beach. In this shallow area, people can actually see coral reefs, starfish and various kinds of unique marine ornamental fish. There are also many types of marine biota. At low tide, sometimes there are small fishes trapped in puddles in rock basins. There are also many sea urchins in this place. So pay attention to footsteps. These are beautiful view, but you may find other kind of beauty when visiting Slili Beach or Bungusan Beach.

Many caves

In Kukup there are natural coral caves located on the beach. Take a walk, follow it by looking at the sights and don’t hesitate to enter the caves. Many visitors use it to take shelter or rest, especially when the weather is too hot. Interestingly, some of the caves are flooded with sea water when the waves came and water trapped inside. Well, so do small fish or other marine biota. It is like seeing a mini aquarium on Kukup Beach.

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