The Beautiful Panorama at Lolang Beach

Increasing desire for vacation usually encourages people to look for fun vacation spots. The beach is also an option. This is because, it is said that holidays in watery places such as rivers, lakes and sea is able to refresh mind. Apparently based on research, this is true. Coupled with the turquoise or blue in sea water is also said to be able to reduce stress levels. Moreover, it is supported with the sound of the waves which gives a relaxed effect. So, don’t be surprised if getting invitation to come to beach

About Lolang Beach

Lolang Beach is in Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach is one of the hidden beaches since its location is behind the mountain even though it is not too far from Sepanjang Beach. Exactly to the west of the beach. It has stunning views with white sand coupled with the duras trees in surrounding location. The sea pandanus is also quite lush on this beach. The beach is not too wide, its only about 20 meters. But it can satisfy visitors who want to play water. This beach is also rich in marine biota.

Unlike Kukup Beach which is crowded with visitors, this beach is quieter and more comfortable for seclusion. By walking around the beach, people see every corner of the beach. The size of the beach that is not too wide will make it easy to see every angle. Sometimes at large beach, people could not explore the beach as a whole even though there could be something interesting and missed. Like in Lolang Beach, there is a channel like a bridge that looks like a ditch. When all the surface of the beach is covered with water it flows through the waterways, especially when the water is too much.

Camping on the Beach

Unlike the Baron Beach which has been managed professionally shown by the existence of various public facilities starting from the parking lot to the accommodation that is easy to find, the Lolang Beach is a bit far from it. But, it doesn’t make the beach less beautiful because you can enjoy relaxing night while listening to the sound the waves. Tents can be installed on a hill for example in the hill basin with view of the beach from the top. The advantage is seeing the sunset from a different angle.

Keep Clean

Camping on the beach is permitted but make sure to keep the beach clean. Enjoy camping, enjoy lunch or cook on site with a bonfire while hearing the sound of waves. But don’t forget to clean the garbage before leaving the location. Nowadays people tend to enjoy more while on the beach but forget to maintain cleanliness. They just litter and expect someone else to clean it especially on beaches that are empty of visitors and lack of supporting facilities.

Relaxation at Beach

Every beach is always unique and interesting like the Porok Beach with its marine biota. But regardless of that, the most important thing is of course enjoying every moment while on the beach. Moreover, this beach has potential with its natural beauty. Enjoy every wave hit the reef, the sound of the wind rustling, see the fish swimming, seethe activities of local people who might be seen, greet fellow visitors and see the trees or hills that surround them and so on. These things are not necessarily done when you are on the beaches that are already crowded with visitors. So, ready to visit Lolang Beach?

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