The Beauty of Manguntur Beach Gunungkidul

Holidays are always eagerly awaited because it means visiting various great destinations or just enjoying free time from work pressure. Not to mentions the density, traffic, exhaust, smokes, and others that may happen in daily life. If this is experienced continuously every day then it is not surprising that the mind feels tired, bored. Vacation is one of the solutions. For example by visiting tourist attractions that offer comfort and tranquility while in the location. One of them is at Manguntur Beach Gunungkidul.

Get to know Manguntur Beach

Manguntur Beach is one of new beaches in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The latter beach is able to attract tourists. It can be seen from the high number of tourists who have come to Gunungkidul in recent years. The number of opened new beaches makes many people visit them. Not to mention the quiet beaches that have not been popular, more and more are being opened to the public. This beach has an attraction through the sights offered. Unique combination between the color of sand, sea water, sky, clouds and surrounding scenery gives more sensation and comfort to play or just enjoy the scenery.

What Can Be Done on the Beach?

It is recommended to visit the Watu Boning beach and other unpopular beaches in Gunungkidul. The ambiences even make the beach look like a private property by carrying a mat, placing some food or drink and enjoying the atmosphere of the beach air and soothing waves. If possible to tie a hammock on the beach that is overgrown with plants, you can enjoy the view while lying down. Those activities sound so interesting if done in group with friend or family in such a private beach.

Every time visiting Watu Kebo beach and other beaches and other natural attractions at least know the characteristics. At the location you already know what will be done. For fishing enthusiasts, carrying fishing equipment is necessary when visiting the beach. As for photography enthusiasts, the completeness of the camera including supporting equipment will be needed. While for reading hobbyists, mats and hammocks can be used as a complement to the book so that at the location you can enjoy the view while reading a favorite book.

Well Preparation

When heading to the Ngregisan Beach, Manguntur and other unpopular beaches, you should do some preparation first such as the location of the beach and the presence of supporting facilities. Or to prepare by finding its location using google map, if it is not found then look for the closest location, to ask local residents. Afterward, don’t forget the preparation for the supply of food and drink. It could be that there are only few stalls available, so food and drinks will be very much needed including a bag to store garbage both on the trip and while on the beach. Don’t forget to prepare strong physical condition because it can be a challenging journey. For example, traveling from the main road through footpaths, rocky, bushes or hills.

Towards the Beach

If curious about the Manguntur beach route it will only need to use online map facilities such as Google Map or Waze to get to the location. If its location hasn’t been on the map, just look for the nearest location. Suppose visitors are traveling from the direction of Yogyakarta, look for the route to Gunungkidul. Furthermore, ask the person you met on the trip while at Gunungkidul. This method is the easiest way to find a location. But lately an online map has been able to provide directions correctly. Despite the difficulty of finding information regarding the existence of Manguntur Beach, don’t you’re your curiosity to visit it.

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