Things To Do At Manukan Beach Gunungkidul

Have you ever found out how many beaches in Gunungkidul are? From its result, how many beaches have you ever been come to? There are so many beach names in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province and not all of these beaches are widely known. One of them is Manukan Beach.

Get to know Manukan Beach

Manukan Beach is a one of the new  beach at Gunungkidul which has recently happening in media social. It is a beach with a distinctive beauty of Gunungkidul with mountainous views. The sound of the waves breaking the silence. Fragments of shells and rock among the sands welcome the waves that come and go. This sensation is obtained while on the beach. Sensations that make the burden on the mind relieved. The beach is not as wide as the more popular beaches like Pulang Syawal, Kukup and so on, but it is really fun to explore. If too bored with the existing tourist attractions, this beach can be an option to enjoy time.

Prepare the Best Equipment

Exploring Manukan Beach  Gunungkidul is a chance to maximize vacation opportunity. Vacation is not a moment you can enjoy every day. When you have the opportunity and then decide to explore new places, there are several things to be prepared. At least do not immediately give the highest expectations for the place to be visited. At least when arriving at the location, take more concern about the process of how to get to and have the opportunity to visit and not focus on the location and then compare it with other places because that will only make the journey more tiring.

So, the first step needs to be done before heading to Jungwok Beach and other destinations is the preparation of food supplies. This is very important as a travel support because some unfamiliar place may not have food stalls. After that, wear comfortable clothing or footwear. It should be noted that each beach in Gunungkidul has the characteristics of each. Most beaches are far from the main road. Some even have to go through steep hills and roads. There are also those who have to go along other beaches to get to their destination.

Play Water and Look for Hidden Marine Biota

Most tourists on the beach often only take photos for a while, play water as much as they like and finish. There are also those who just walk, photographs, stop at a shop around the beach and then go home. There are also those who sit around daydreaming and enjoying every breeze. Likewise, what is seen on the Ngusalan Beach or Manukan beaches. Even though there are many things that can be done besides playing as much water as they like. For example, see every corner of the beach and see what marine biota is. There must be existing habitats and ecosystems. Coastal characteristics, humidity, air pressure and so on will affect the existing marine biota.

Looking for Beach Locations

The advantage of the beaches in Gunungkidul is that the beach location is not too far away. Including the location of Greweng beach. Some beaches even only need to pay a one pass fee at the entrance. So if curious about what beaches to visit, ask the locals who have been met. For routes that need to be passed visitors only need to rely on Google Map. At least if travel from Yogyakarta, the estimated travel time is two to three hours. It’s even easier if you rent a car when heading to Manukan Beach because rented car drivers are usually familiar with the intended location.

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