The Warmth at Mbeling Beach

Planning a vacation with friends or family is not an easy matter. Choose the right time or place. Beaches can be an alternative place that can warm the atmosphere, create closeness and even build relationships. The beach can be a place to familiarize or bring friends and relatives closer. Especially in Indonesia, there are many choices of beaches that can be visited. One of them is Mbeling Gunungkidul Beach, Yogyakarta.

About Mbeling Beach

Mbeling Beach can be visited when coming to Gunungkidul Regency. One of the regencies in the Special Province of Yogyakarta, which later became known and visited by many people from various regions. A place is known by its thiwul, but later also known as a row of beaches that have unique and interesting characteristics.

Each beach can give a pleasant feeling every time feels the breeze, the salt smell of the sea, the waves. Likewise, what is felt when on Mbeling Beach Gunungkidul. Feeling the warmth in togetherness with friends and family on the beach is happiness. Looking for interesting spots for selfies and photos together. There are some animals or plants that are only found on certain beaches but not found on other beaches. Well, this is what makes each beach unique in Indonesia.

Visit Mbeling Beach

So many new beaches of Gunung Kidul make beach fans curious to visit them including Mbeling Beach which is not yet many people who are familiar. Generally, many beaches visited are Pulang Syawal, also known as Indrayanti, Kukup, Drini, Pok Tunggal, and so on. The beach is very popular. For beach fans, visiting quiet beaches always presents its own challenges. Besides having to find where the location, you can also find out how unique it is. Some is just want to enjoy with friends while chatting, have a relaxed discussion but still provide warmth in interacting. comfortable beach sand, rocky rock, melodic sound waves, and sea birds tweet, are able to provide a sensation of relax while on this beach.

Others decide to set up a tent by the beach. Just to avoid heat or really spend the night on the beach. This is usually found on many other quiet beaches, such as on the Ngetun beach. Not surprisingly, camping on the beach always gives a different experience especially if it’s the first time. Feel the atmosphere of the night on the beach, the beach air at night, hear the waves roaring, see starred night, see the anglers looking for fish around the beach and so on.


To reach the Timang Beach and new beaches in Gunungkidul, you need to bring own vehicle or rent it because finding public transportation to reach the destination is not easy. Even if you can find it, it can only take you  half the trip. It also takes a long time to wait. In fact, to reach Gunungkidul Regency from Yogyakarta, it requires at least two hours of travel if it is not stuck in traffic.

Supplies Preparation

Before making a trip to Nglambor Beach and beaches that are not familiar, you must be in a good preparation. It starts from the vehicle that will be used to the condition of the vehicle that must be able to pass through the winding road, up and down even rocky. The road to Gunungkidul is relatively smooth and safe but the surprise is ready to wait when the beaches far from the main road. Prepare supplies to support the trip. It might have to be achieved by trekking up the hill and through bushes and even the fields. But satisfaction and happiness will be felt once arriving at Mbeling Beach Gunungkidul.

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