The Enchanting Nampu Beach Gunungkidul

For beach fans, every time they see a stretch of beach sand extends a distance it always brings a lot of happiness. The closer, listen to the sound of the waves crashing and feel the sea breeze blowing are successfully increasing the sense of relax. The beach is always able to steal attention wherever the location is. It is including Nampu Beach Gunungkidul with its charming view.

Get to know Nampu Beach

Eager to visit Nampu Beach, then you have to spend time going Gunungkidul Regency. The name of the beach is like the beach in Wonogiri Regency, Central Java. As a note, Nampu Beach Gunungkidul is located in the Wediombo Beach area to the north. It is common to say that this beach has an attraction like Wediombo with the coastline. Another attraction is in the fishing area and the beauty of the panorama from the top of the hill which is then known as Bukit Indah Nampu.

Buying Fish from Fishermen

The different thing from Wediombo is of course the existence of fishermen on the beach. Although there are not as many other beaches in Gunungkidul but the catches of the fishermen are directly weighed in the Nampu Wediombo Beach Fish Auction Place. The fishes are then taken to the larger auction such as those on Sadeng Beach and Drini. You can buy the fresh catch fish here or at auction place. After that, enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the beach, the most comfortable place to chat while enjoying snacks and soft drinks. Youcan also enjoy views from the height above Bukit Indah. This beach is indeed present with all its charm through the price of Nampu beach entrance ticket which is quite affordable to provide a pleasant vacation.

Towards Nampu Beach

Unlike the Baronan Beach to go to Nampu there are two routes. First is, through the main road to Nampu Beach and Bukit Indah. This is the easiest way especially when arrive at the base of the hill, the atmosphere of the beach and views from the top of the hill can be seen. Second is, through Wediombo Beach to the north. Indah Nampu hill is located close to the parking area. You can walk along the existing path but be careful because it is quite slippery. You will get the best spot to enjoy the view from above. Precisely at the corner of decreasing road, you can see the coastline from the top of the hill forming as if like a sickle.

When on the corner you should be aware of the surrounding since there are many other visitors who take photos in the place so don’t be too long when stopping by. The journey continues by descending the path. Once arrive at the entrance gate to Adan beach area you will find fish auction building and a public bathroom. Those are unique sights that will won’t be found in other beach including in the Mbrumbun Beach.

Lack of Food Stalls

If you are curious about the history of Nampu beach, just stop for a moment between the stalls around the beach. Food stalls are not a lot, so they tend to be crowded with visitors. Although there are not many choices of food or drinks, but just to infiltrate with the local people. Through interaction with local people you may get a lot of surprises. So always take good manners and keep greeting them. It is recommended to bring enough food supplies considering trekking along the path to Nampu Beach Gunungkidul.

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