Mesmerized with the Beauty of Ndawud Beach Gunungkidul

City traffic, smoke pollution, working tasks, and daily job are burdening the mind. Holidays are the most awaited time. Some kind of refreshment is needed soon. Especially those who are happy with natural attractions such as mountains and beaches that are considered able to provide freshness and provide space to release all fatigue. One place known by its beaches is Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The beaches are lining up tidy. Can mention the name of beaches in Gunungkidul?

Get to know Ndawud Beach

Ndawud Beach may not have been much known yet compared to Indrayanti, Drini, Kukup, Pok Tunggal and other famous Gunungkidul beaches. But it has an amazing beauty. It should be noted that the attraction of the beach of Ndawud Beach Gunungkidul lies in the beauty of the pristine beaches. Not too much garbage, comfortable ambience, and peaceful because visitors are not too many. The unfamiliar name of the beach has not made many visitors stop by. Even though the size of the beach is not too wide, it allows visitors to explore it more satisfied. They can play water, swim or sit comfortably without worrying about disturbing other visitors.

Still Natural

The superiority of Gunungkidul new beach, including this beach, is certainly a natural atmosphere. The more crowded visitors, the lower the level of comfort because they have to share places with many people. When the beach is still quiet, don’t need to worry about sitting around enjoying the beach view. Do not worry about being disturbed when seeing the high seas because there are still few people passing by. When looking for calm, the beach can be the best choice. Only with a mat or hammock, read the book or enjoy snack and drink, vacation will so comfortable. Not all beaches can provide such comfort.

Quiet beaches like Seruni Beach also often become one of the favorite places for camping. Just want to enjoy the beach air at night or hunt for star views which will be seen in a place with lacking lights of settlement. Moreover, camping with friends always warms the atmosphere. Enjoying the outdoors is often inspiring. Nature often gives unexpected surprises including during holidays. Not a few people do it again after feeling the first experience of camping in the open air. Camping on the beach is one of them.

Well Preparation is A Must

When deciding to enjoy nature tourism, especially on quiet beaches like Goa Watulawang Beach always remember to do preparations in detail. For example, find out about the beach on the internet and social media. What are the advantages and uniqueness of the place. Don’t forget bring enough own supplies. The supplies have to be in accordance with duration of vacation especially when you decide to do. Most likely the quiet beaches are still lacking in facilities. Even it is usually inadequate for example the existence of a food or drink stall. Moreover, it is a good idea to bring supporting equipment such as mats or hammocks that can be used at any time when the place visited is sufficient to relax.

How to Find the Location of Ndawud

Planning to do a vacation must at least know in advance where the destination is. And to visit the Serah Beach, it is important to know the location first. Likewise with Ndawud. Can use google map or ask via social media about the beach route to go. Gunungkidul takes at least two hours to reach it if the trip starts from Yogyakarta. Sometimes around the location, it needs to track through the bush. But there is no need to doubt, because the local people will usually give a friendly response even showing the direction to go to Ndawud Beach Gunungkidul.

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