Take A Look At the Fascination of Ngetun Beach Gunungkidul

Peaceful and reassuring atmospheres are expected things when the holiday arrives. Nature tourism is often an option to get that experience. For example, by visiting a beach and enjoying all the view offered. The natural beauty is an advantage of natural tourism. That is the reason why beaches that are far from the frenzy of the crowd are increasingly in demand. One of them is Ngetun Beach.

About Ngetun Beach

Ngetun Beach can be found by visiting Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach is flanked by two peninsulas both indented into the sea. One of the attractions is its white sand. It is also known as the Ngitun Beach and rarely known to people outside Gunungkidul. This beach location is not far from Pok Tunggal Beach, Siung and Timang Beach. It is precisely located east of Pok Tunggal Beach, west of Siung and Timang Beaches.

This beach has beautiful views around it  thanks to the shady trees. The beach sand is white and in contrary to the blue sea water. It feels soft when the foot treads in the sand so it’s convenient to just walk along the beach while enjoying the panorama. Coral cliffs are on both sides. Moreover, there are many plants that grow dense ads to the greenery looks.

Natural Looks

During on beach, the atmosphere and scenery are so natural. Not many footprints are visible on the beach sand. And the scenery as the water began to recede is amazing. It is characterized with rocks mixed with sand that are not previously seen coupled with the green of seaweed glows exposed to the sun. Not to mention when tracing the coral reefs and seaweed, there are small fishes and shellfishes trapped in. it is also comfortable enjoying each side of the beach. Even though the beach is the same, the scenery on Banyunibo beach will be different from this one.

Camping on Ngetun

The view of this beach will be increasingly enjoyable when deciding to have camping on Ngetun beach. You will be more satisfied exploring each side. Which spot is the most interesting. What marine biota can be found. Moreover, the existing humidity will affect animals and plants that can live so that what the marine biota will be different with other beaches. People also have the opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze at night, watch the sunset, and breathe fresh morning air on the beach and so on. This pleasure is certainly only felt when camping around the beach because it is more flexible in determining the time to play on the beach.

Suitable for Adventure Fans

The journey to Widodaren beach is certainly different when heading to Ngetun Beach. The road to the beach is more suitable for adventure enthusiasts. Preparation must be done from the beginning. It started from physical preparation, vehicles and of course supplies. Good physical condition is needed because a long journey awaits from the direction of Yogyakarta that takes at least two hours of travel. Especially the road conditions are up and down certainly different when driving a vehicle on a straight road.

The road to the beach is through a road connecting the beach of Tepus and Siung Beach. Take the road beside the Tepus 4 Elementary School and follow the instructions provided. If you worry about getting lost, don’t hesitate in asking the local people. When starting the journey to explore this beach and the Manguntur beach bring enough supplies so the comfort during the trip is guaranteed. The exhaustion of the journey taken will be paid in full when arriving at the location. The sound of singing birds welcomes the journey to the beach. Ngetun Beach surely provides peace during holidays.

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