Snorkeling at Nglambor Beach

Want to experience snorkeling? Visitors are usually advised to visit the beaches on the north side of Java, which has more calm waves. The southern beaches are famous for their bigger waves. But that does not mean that the snorkeling experience cannot be felt even though closer to the southern beaches. Some beaches in Gunungkidul provide a snorkeling experience on the south coast. For example at Sadranan Beach and Nglambor Beach, the tide is low and the lagoon is calm.

About Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach is like a universe aquarium. This is because of the beautiful underwater scenery that can be enjoyed while snorkeling. Colorful fish dancing with underwater panoramas of which beauty is so charming. With the price of Nglambor beach snorkeling offered, it won’t be regretting. It is comparable to the panorama to be seen. Among them are a variety of coral reefs, various types of fish such as sergeant major, jambrong and other fish. The experience of being under the sea by swimming with fish to see the scenery inside is so worthy. This certainly can only be felt when the waves are not too big. So, always pay attention to weather conditions including looking for the best snorkeling spots.

Ngalangi Traditional Ceremony

Finding Nglambor beach inn and deciding to explore the beach is the right decision especially in the occasion when local people perform traditional ceremonies. The local community holds a sea alms tradition called Ngalangi. Ngalangi itself comes from the Javanese language which means blocking. This tradition means that the community around the Nglambor beach prevents anyone who will catch fish on this beach. Fishing is only allowed in fish spawning season once a year. In addition, the fishing process is only allowed to use gawar. Gawar is a kind of net made from the roots of a wawar tree where the net is planted and driven away by the local community together into the sea.

Two Giant Turtles Rock

The presence of two giant rocks shaped like turtles drive the big waves to come slowly on the beach. The existence of this rock is also able to keep coral reefs from damage due to waves so it is safe to snorkel. Although there are two giant coral reefs that help prevent damage to coral reefs from large waves, the undersea ecosystem still needs attention and care from everyone, both visitors and local residents. If the coral reef is damaged, it can disturb the existing ecosystem. So when snorkeling, it needs to be careful not to step on the existing coral reefs. Because the snorkeling experience on the south coast is not necessarily felt when on another beach such as Timang beach.

Coral reef damage itself can occur due to high waves, over fishing, coral bleaching and so on. Do not just seek sensation by doing things that actually damage the underwater ecosystem. This underwater panorama is the uniqueness offered by Nglambor and cannot be obtained when visiting Banyunibo Beach.

Travel to Nglambor

Finding the location of the Nglegundi Beach and Nglambor beaches certainly must know how the Nglambor Beach route needs to be passed. Luckily in modern times technology development is available by using Google Maps. To go to Nglambor from Yogyakarta, go to Gunungkidul first. At least requires a total of three hours of travel. If Google map doesn’t work because the unstable internet network then ask local people is the best way. Especially for snorkeling, visitors need to rent the equipment. Well, this equipment is usually rented by youth groups or surrounding communities. So, go to Nglambor Beach to prove its beauty.

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