The Specialties at Nglegundi Beach

When looking for a vacation spot there are usually some things to consider. It could be because of the location, popularity of the place or just looking for comfortable places to relax. Usually this applies to natural attractions such as mangrove forests, pine forests and of course beaches. For someone who is looking for a comfortable place to relax, the choice is coming to Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta which offers many choices of comfortable natural attractions.

Get to know Nglegundi Beach

One of the natural attractions when visiting the Gunungkidul Regency is Nglegundi Beach. This beach is also part of the Wediombo Beach area. Nglegundi is west of Wediombo and east of Pesewan. This beach is not too wide with the cliffs of the hill. The cliff is vertical and there are rocks around it. It can be said that the Nglegundi Beach Gunungkidul is almost entirely submerged with sea water during high tide. But at low tide, the stretch of beach with rocks and coral and a little white sand is appearing. Indeed, the shape is not much different from the beaches around Wediombo Beach with the characteristics of several rocks formed from lava from ancient volcanic eruptions.

This beach is not like Ngungap beach or other beaches that can be used to sit back and relax in the sand or play sand. But this beach is the perfect place to enjoy the atmosphere, just listen to the waves or feel the sea breeze that gives a feeling of comfort. This place is very possible to be a place for seclusion or seeking inspiration. The atmosphere is very supportive. For photography enthusiasts too, this place can be a source for hunting photos because there are many objects and angles taken like the atmosphere of the beach, the location of the coral reefs, or beach during highs and lows.

Fishing Area

As a beach that has not been widely known, Wono Beach has a characteristic that distinguishes the beach from the others. Similarly, Nglegundi is not much different from Pesewan Beach which is more often visited by anglers. In addition, shrimp and lobster seekers also take part although most people will only play water and sand regardless of many possible activities to enjoy. More often, people just want to enjoy the atmosphere.

Transportation to the beach

When someone travels and already knows his destiny it will be easier. To go to tourist attractions in the Gunungkidul area such as Tanjung Menyer Beach and other beautiful beaches, it requires good physic and easy transportation. Public transportation will not take visitors to the location. They will stop at the Gunungkidul terminal or on the main road. That is why using a private vehicle or renting a car is recommended. Before using it make sure to always check the cars’ condition that will be used.

Supported by Public Facilities

Not all beaches provide good public facilities. On some beaches that are still quiet with visitors such as Slili Beach or other beaches there are sometimes no such facilities. Public facilities in question include parking areas, bathrooms, small mosques, food stalls, trash bins and so on. Of course, its existence is also limited. That is why there is nothing wrong with bringing food and drinks themselves. In addition to carrying a special bag for garbage so that the trash produced can be carried. Don’t forget to go through the paths in the Pesewan Beach area. Even it needs to walk along the shore that is crushed by cliffs. The journey to enjoy Nglegundi Beach is challenging but very enjoyable.

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