Beautiful Scenery at Nglimun Beach

What is the main reason to visit a beach? Some are beach fans so regardless of the beach conditions, they will like it. There are also those who visit the beach because they don’t want to miss the moment, especially when the beach is recently being so popular in social media. Come to place with its natural beauty especially beach precisely may give a sense of happiness and releasing tired for a moment.

About Nglimun Beach

To visit Nglimun Beach, come to Bedalo Village, Gunungkidul Regency. The attraction of this beach is its bare beauties that are still untouched with a wider view there is no barrier. In addition, a trail has been built later to provide convenience for visitors. Some gazebos are seen at the end of the peninsula. The location of Ngalimun Beach is actually on the same area with a beach or Ngedan Beach and Jugala Beach. Exactly to the west of the beach. So if visitors on Ngedan Beach look from the edge and you can see this Nglimun beach peninsula. Even because they are in a neighboring area, there are times when visitors don’t realize that the two beaches are different. Often visitors think this beach is part of Ngedan Beach that is actually not.

Enjoying the Beauty of Coral Reefs

On this beach many favorite spots are available to entertain the visitors. There is a spot where visitors can enjoy beach views that are dominated by coral rocks. The coral rock is indented towards the sea directly facing the high seas, Indian Ocean. No wonder among tourists it is also known as a small peninsula. The view added with a view of the cliffs with lush green trees. People enjoy the beauty of a small beach with lots of green plants combined with blue sea giving an epic view. The stretch of sand on this beach is not as much as other beaches but this is precisely the attraction that distinguishes it from other beaches.

Warm Nuance

Nglimun beach entrance tickets are affordable yet there are many to enjoy in the area. Not only people can enjoy the scenery but with the atmosphere they can actually get mingle with other visitors. This beach is not too crowded. So it is possible to chat with new friends and enjoy relaxing moment. While enjoying the atmosphere of the beach with its cliffs and trees, the sound of the waves and the breeze, it is so possible to meet with residents or fishermen on the beach. Some are fishing, netting, and so on. Especially if you come to the beach during the afternoon, there are many anglers on the beach.

Among the new beaches such as the Watu Wene beach, the cliff or coral beach is a favorite place for fishing. For anglers, quiet beaches are the preferred places. So if visitors want to find out about Senuni beach or other quiet beaches, ask them. Their knowledge of these new beaches can be ascertained more broadly. So when meeting them don’t hesitate to interact.

Access to Ngalimun

Access to the Serah Beach is different from access to Ngalimun Beach. This beach is close to Ngaden beach. Once you get to Ngedan beach location, go to Ngalimun by walking first. Pass the path that is to the west of Ngedan. The road has been paved so it is easier to go through. The end of the path is the eastern region of Ngalimun Beach while the peninsula’s goods section is a lower or flat coastal area. Don’t forget about food and drink supplies and supporting needs such as mats, umbrellas, fishing rods and of course the camera. From the parking lot of Ngedan Beach to Nglimun Beach, it takes at least five to ten minutes.

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