Cultural Beauty at Ngobaran Beach

The interesting thing when visiting a beach is when visitors can see the culture of the people around the beach. To see traditional customs that have existed for years. Since the beginning the beach has stolen the attention with its natural panorama. Well, the culture or customs of the surrounding community become a kind of bonus that can be seen on the beach. So if find a beach characterized with unique local culture in the community don’t forget to pay attention, capture it and of course enjoy it. One of the beaches in Gunungkidul which also offers cultural beauty besides its natural scenery is Ngobaran Beach.

About Ngobaran Beach

Ngobaran Beach is located about 2km from Ngrenehan Beach in Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach displays exotic view of natural scenery. The blue sea and the wavy waves are always able to steal the attention. Releasing a little burden on mind. Moreover, this beach is also known for its cultural value. Also known at beach with statue / Hindu religious statue. No wonder when visiting this beach there is a kind of place of worship. In that place some white statues of God exist. This place is a place of worship of the Kejawan trust.

Kejawan comes from one son names of Brawijaya V namely Bondhan Kejawan. Brawijaya V is one of the descendants of King Majapahit. The place was built in 2003 as a memorial that many years ago, the great Brawijaya V had once stopped at Ngobaran. So, this Kejawan belief is different from Kejawen. In addition to the place of worship of the Kejawan Belief, you can also find Joglo buildings that Kejawen uses for worship. Walk a few meters along the path, there are temples that are used by Hindus to worship. Not yet known when the temple was first built.

Unique Mosque

There is a mosque at beach measured 3 x 4 meters. The mosque has some uniqueness. The first uniqueness lies on the floor. The mosque floor is sand. So that worship in this mosque seems to blend with the nature. The other is of the two directions, generally mosque faces to west so that it is easier for prayer to the Qibla. But this mosque faces south. So before the prayer, it is necessary to pay attention to the direction of the Qibla made by the surrounding population. Not many people know the reason why the mosque is facing south. The front part is where the priest leads the prayer in an open space so he can face the sea. This uniqueness certainly cannot be seen elsewhere, like visiting other beaches such as Nglegundi Beach.

Varieties of Marine Biota

Each beach is unique. Being on the Nampu beach people will definitely recognize the uniqueness of the beach with Ngobaran. Moreover, Ngobaran is strong with its culture. This beach is also rich with marine biota. Visitors can watch expanse of seaweed, both green and brown at low tide. When visitors look closely at the existing reefs, there are many marine animals such as colorful small fish, various forms of shells, sea stars and sea urchins.

Culinary Potential

Culinary is usually one of the things that attract visitors when visiting beach like Wedi Ombo Beach. Similarly, when visitors come to Ngobaran. Actually this beach has strong potential for culinary spot. Moreover, it can be very easy to find seaweed and sea urchins. Local people are usually looking for and processing it for daily food. Sea urchins are opened or pressed to get yellowish inside then processed by sautéing or frying. It can be offered to visitors as typical food or culinary of Ngobaran Beach. Want to taste it?

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